Do you have a project in mind? Have you a podcast? Are you organizing an event? Do you want to collaborate on social media platforms, blogs etc.. ? Are you interested in Low Waste Lifestyle? Do you live sustainably and mindfully? Do you prefer slow living? Are you vegan?

Just let me know. I’d love to work with creative people, who share the same values and interests as I do.


I would like to work with sustainable brands, whose ethics fits with my own. I am also interested in “minimalism and slow life“, so if you have anything to work with also in this area, I am ready to get on board. Advertisements and partnerships across my social media platforms, it’s what I offer. I want to spread the message, that sometimes also small brands, which are creating their products sustainably can make a huge difference and show people that also small things can make us happy.
Can you imagine working with me?

Then simply send an e-mail to or contact me in any form to get more information.