Body Image & Self Love

What is „Beauty“. Beauty is not objective. For every one of us means beauty something else. But Beauty is a feeling. We can feel beautiful, even though we are not role models for everyone. We all should get this positive body image about ourselves.

Social Media Detox

Comparing ourselves with other makes us unhappy. Especially than when we think we do not fit in standards. All the pictures in social media are triggers for us to feel uncomfortable our body and our life. And here we should stop it immediately. It is not always what it seems. Not every picture perfect is as beautiful behind scenes. We only see what social media show on the outside. But what is really hidden inside? We should give ourselves break from this all and just concentrate us on our soul / mind/ body.

Sport makes us happy

Moving our body is important. Not only for loosing weight, but because sports makes us happy and proud of ourselves. But to get this feelings, we should also do sports & activities we have fun doing.

Eat healthy

Food is more than just a source of energy and nutrients. Eating is enjoyment. And we could be careful about what we choose to eat. Me as vegan, i recommend plant-based diet, it is healthiest, nicest and colorful diet ever. It ist he best thing you can offer your body. Take your time for choosing, preparing and eating your food. 

Spoil yourself

If you feel good, you appreciate yourself and who you are. That is why you should spoil yourself from time to time, because you are worth it. It does not have to be expensive watch or designer dress. Simply couch-evening dinner watching your favorite show and glass of wine is enough. 

Mirror, Mirror

Don not look in the mirror everytime you pass by. They lie. They only show us what we want to see, not what is. We should not search for body places, which we do not find „cute“, we should be conscious about the parts of body which are attractive. Hang down all the mirrors for a week or two and concentrate yourself on how you feel not how you look like. 

Be conscious 

We all find some parts of our body beautiful, but sometimes we forget these. Write a list with all these things down and hang it on the wall or anywhere else, where you can see it . We should be conscious and proud about all these things. For more self-confidence, ask your friend to write down the things they find beautiful and cute and nice about you.

I just wanted to spread the message to all thick, thin, small, big, heavy, short, tall, chubby people that it does not matter how you look like. The more important thing is how you feel. If you feel comfortable and happy in the body you have, that is what counts.