There are so many ways how to use veggies for your meal. You can eat it raw or cooked.
I am obsessed with salads and I always try to create something new.
I never get bored of vegetables and fruits.

And I am not even talking about nutrition. Eating your veggies is the best thing you can do for your health. It contains vitamins, proteins, iron, zinc, carbohydrates…

A lot of meat-eaters think that vegans eats only greens. But there is huge spectrum of different vegetables that even I haven’t tried everything yet. :)

Lettuce is a rich source of Vitamin A and K and a source of folate and iron. There are several types of lettuce (leaf, iceberg, butterhead or romaine), so if you do not like that one you can choose other one.

For my recipe I used mini lettuce heads. Lettuce boats replace traditional taco shells.

Recipe is simple, 10-15 mins and no cooking required.


- 1 head of mini lettuce

3 stalks of celery
1 small mango
1/2 cucumber
2-3 tbsp of peanut butter
pinch of salt and pepper (optional)
squeezed lemon

Cut celery, cucumber and mango into small cubes. Add peanut butter and cilantro. For more flavor you can add salt, pepper and a lemon juice. Mix everything together.
Arrange lettuce leaves on a serving plate and simply fill you boats with the filling. 

Fresh. Satisfying. Versatile. Easy & Delicious !


Any other leafy greens will act as wrap.
Swiss chard have a stronger flavor, if you’re looking for a higher flavor stick with iceberg, savoy, butter or romaine.