There are many of sushi recipes out there. I am a sushi addict and I love to experiment a lot.
But I will tell you my secret ingredients, which will make your sushi impossible to fail.

I know that “typical sushi” contains rice, BUT mine sushi is without. And the ingredients that may not be missed are: avocado & tomatoes (btw. perfect combo), strawberries (i know it might sound a little weird, but it gives the meal nice sweety touch) AND peanutbutter (100% peanuts). As a layer I use mostly salat as well as cauliflower rice.These are the ingredients I use everytime I make sushi.

You can also add other stuff you like, for ex. carrots, pepperoni, cucumbers.

But I will tell you, try to add some fruits like mango, strawberries or watermelon and top it with peanutbutter. EVERYTIME! Believe me, you will never go back. :)