Habits become routine, once we start to do them over and over again.
It’s important to think about whether the habits are helpful or not.
I came up with some habits that we should definitely stop doing. 

Stop being busy

Being busy means, that you have to much going on that you haven't planned for. You can take all actions that you need to do and put them on your calendar, and choose, when you want to do them without being busy. Bring a little organization to your life and don’t rush yourself. 

Stop trying to do too much at one time

Stop multitasking and doing bunch of things at once. You will feel overwhelmed and out of control and it will has a bad impact on your productivity too. Write a list with the task you want to do and plan when you do them. Organize and plan time for each task every day. Set your priorities.

Stop being scarcity thinker

If you are scarcity thinking you think, that life is limited and has only so much to offer. People who have scarcity mindset, think that there is always winner and a loser (never two winners).
On the other side, people with abundance believe that there is always more to come. They are ready for competitions , challenges, are thankful and confident. 
If you are scarcity thinker, try to improve your mindset. You will be happier, healthier and more successful.

Stop leaving life up to chance

If you leave life up to chance, you don’t set and don't have goals, which means that you don’t pursue your life as you want it to be.  Write a list with your goals, that will always be on your mind and motivate you to achieve them. When you don’t plan your long-term goals and set intentions for your life, you will never live your dream life. 

Stop living paycheck to paycheck 

It might be awful feeling to live from paycheck to paycheck. We all probably have experienced it somehow. But it is not impossible to change it. First you need to be aware of your problem, them to get on a budget and start budgeting as soon as possible. And you have to stick to your budget. Believe me, that the peace that will come with having financial margin is far more valuable than any of these things.

Stop surrounding yourself with wrong people

Stop surrounding yourself with people who don’t support you. This is something I had to find for myself too. I used to be scarcity thinker too and I was scared to stay alone. But the people who don’t support you, show you their back, when you need their help or just don’t care about , have no space in your life. Choose your friends wisely and hang out with awesome community of people with same interests, same values and goals as you have. 

Stop being your own enemy

Don’t get in your own way and stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Instead be your best friend, think powerful thought that will support you and everything you want in life. Practice gratitude and make daily positive affirmations. If this will become your good habit you will start your day in a positive way and the way of thinking about yourself will change. 

Stop doubting yourself

Seriously! You could do anything you want to. You don’t have to be the brightest or the most skilled to succeed . Stop comparing yourself to others!!

This might be a little tricky, because social media usually show the highlight of people’s lives. But remember that your only competition is yourself. Every one of us is different and that’s why you should not compare our life story the theirs. Stop following people online who make it hard for you not to compare to. Instead follow those who inspire you and add value to your life somehow. 

Breaking any kind of habits takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. You might not succeed right way, but you should definitely not give up on yourself.  As soon as you will get rid of your bad habits you will feel more free and happier. 

Are there any habits you had difficulties to get rid of? What helped you? Leave a comment below :)