With a beginning of a new year, we often set ourselves high goals.
We are always very motivated to keep them, but it doesn’t always go the way we want.
When we do not keep the promises we set ourselves, we get upset. 
I think that we should set realistic and achievable goals and do not put ourselves under pressure.



We live in a world, where we need to look for ourselves. And that is why we have to keep us healthy in every way. Our body fights the illnesses on ist own, but we need to give our body what it needs to fuction properly.

- Eat healthy – Food is one of the sources that our body need to stay strong. It is important that we eat nutritionous food. I am a vegan, so I am on a plant-based diet, which I of course highly recommend to everyone. Vegan food is not boring and we do not only need grass, as a lot of meat eaters might think. ☺ A lot of veggies and a lot of fruits can do miracles. AND plant-based diet can save you and prevent diseases. Even serious ones. If you are interested in that I would suggest to read these books : Michael Greger – How Not To Die, How Not To Die Cookbook ; Medical Medium – Life Changing Foods, Liver Rescue.

Other Tips: Eat intentionally, do not overeat and over drink yourself, listen to your body and eat then when you are hungry and your body needs it. Make sure your body gets everything it needs. Try to avoid processed food, buy loose fruits and veggies and if possible seasonally. The healthiest and yummiest meals you can prepare at home. I love to cook and try out new recipes.  (Check out my simple recipes ☺) I like to keep it simple and easy, but it satisfies me and my body too.

-Do sports – It doesn't only keep you in form, doing sport also relieves stress, keeps your heart stronger, increases confidence, improves your mental health and a lot more. You do not have to train like crazy. Pick up the activity that works for you (yoga, swimming, pilates, running, tennis or a simple walk) and do this 2-4 times a week, you will feel so much better and balanced. 


In the past education was expensive and only wealthy people get the good and high education. Today is different. Every one of us get education. It is all in our hands how we manage it. We do not have to go to private school to get educated. We do not have to pay millions for a school. Because it is not said that expensive schools, universities or courses are the best. Not everyone of us get the chance to go to university, but that does not mean that we are low educated or stupid than the people with their master.
Nowadays we are even privileged to educate ourselves!

Some tips how to expand yourself, learn new things, develop your knowledge:
- Read a book
- Learn new languages
- Sign up for and interesting course (cooking, painting, sewing…)
- Develop new hand-on skills
- Try something new, you always thought, you’re not good at
- Grow spiritually
- Learn how to cook
- Create something everyday (poem, recipe, painting..)
- Listen to an educational podcast or watch a video
- Learn to play new instrument
- Learn a new sport
- Learn from personal experiences
Stay focused on everything you do. Do not take it too serious and do not be too hard on yourself, if something goes wrong. You need to have fun doing it. 


In some of my previous articles I already mention how important self love & self care noways is. We live in a busy world, where we are heading somewhere. In work / school we feel the pressure to give our best and not to fail. We’re compared to the others, judged fort he mistakes or we try to fit in everywhere we go, not to feel left behind. Sometimes we do not have time for ourselves. 

So give yourself a break.

Take time for your body, mind and soul. Do what you like, avoid what you hate doing. Be honest and trust yourself. Look in the mirror and appreciate everything you have and are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL in every single way. And it is necessary for you to know, that it does not matter what other thinks about how you look, what you wear or what you do, because as long as you LOVE it, it’s perfectly okay. Treat yourself with love and know your flaws, nobody is perfect.
What I have learned is, that first wee need to start love ourselves , before we can love the others. 

Set yourself few goals for he Year 2019, that are important to you.

Take baby steps and do not rush.

If you do not achieve what you wanted, don't get sad.

Be satisfied with things you did and keep your motivation on track.