Reading is literal blessing.
Through reading I expend the imagination and grow the levels of empathy and understanding.
I am a huge booklover and already as a child I used to lock myself in my room and read books and got lost in my own world.
But lately somehow my motivation to read books got lost.
This is what I definately want to change in 2019.

If you feel the same about reading , hope these easy tips can help you to find your motivation and passion for books again ☺

*Paperbooks / E-books / Library / Borrow – Choice is big. Nowadays we have a lot of option where to get our lecture. If you’re still one of them who needs to hold and smell the book go to bookshop, library or just borrow from your friends and family. If you do not wanna carry heavy books around with you and you want to have many books in 1, get yourself e-books.

*Make a list  – Noone likes to read boring books. You know what your interests and preferences are. Making a list makes it easier for you to get books and saves you a lot of money. It keeps you on track and motivated to finish the list.

*Read books you want to read – Read books that you want and not anyone else. We are all different and we have different needs and wants. Do not try to fit in by reading something you do not want to. Read with intention and take time to expend yourself.

*Find your quiet corner – When you read, make sure you find a Cory place for you to completely dive in. Concentrate yourself on things you want to do. Switch of your phone and all the other things, that might bring you out of concentration. If you read e-books, makes sure you switch off the apps and notification. 

*Socialize  - Join a bookclub, create book clique, meet people with the same interests and discuss the themes and topics after reading certain books. Expend your knowledge.

If you interesting in climate changing I would recommend Noami Klein - This changes everything.
Michael Greger and his piece How not to Die is very inspiring if you want to prevent diseases and illnesses. Plant-based diet can help you to do so. How not to Die Cookbook also by M. Greger gives you a lot of interesting recipes, which are very simple to cook.
And I can not forget Sustainable Home written by Chistine Liu, very inspiring book with lot of tips and also homemade recipes to live more sustainably.

What are your reading goals for the next weeks/ months?
Do you have any suggestions for a good book?
What is your favorite book you’ve read recently?