For everybody Minimalism means somethings different. For one it can be living in a white and clean apartment, for other travelling around with a single backpack.

Everybody takes their own „minimalist journey“.

For me there is no definition of minimalism. 

For me, minimalism means to be surrounded by things and stuff that bring me happiness and fulfillment. And getting rid of stuff that declutters me and my life. It is a long-way journey I am on,  still exploring and learning new things. 

Another thing is that I am vegan and a lot of vegans are minimalists and lot of minimalists are vegans. Minimalists consume less and buy less. That means that the eco-footprint is lighter but the most significant way of reducing our eco-footprints is eliminating our consumptions of animal-based products. So there is kind of connection. We try to reduce our impact on planet and live more sustainably. Reflecting on what is really important in order to lead an intentional life, veganism and minimalism go hand in hand. 

Through Minimalism I learned that buying stuff doesn’t necessary makes you happy. And I started to declutter. I got rid of things, that were cluttering me, my mind and our home, for ex. my wardrobe, the living room and all the things we have not been using for ages. Decluttering was and it is not easy for someone who used to buy things like crazy. It is a long-way process. 

For my future I wish to focus on what is important to me and what brings me happiness and fulfillment. This goes hand in hand with setting priorities. Through setting priorities I have started to concentrate myself on things that are important to me and things that means a lot to me. I use my time more wisely and do things that makes me happy. 

So excited where this journey’s going to take me.