The reality is that the world is constantly changing around you, for better or for worse.
What are you seeking in life?
How often are you absorbing the environment, the people you are surrounded by?
Do you feel free? Are you thinking negative thoughts?
Are you one with your mind, body and soul?

Sometimes we do not feel free from our thoughts, habits, dreams or worries, that is constantly haunting us. 
Maybe your mind needs a deep clean and some re-organization to feel satisfied and content again.
Try to do things I listed down below or pick those, which you want to de-clutter your brain to be „whole again.“

Measure your achievements

And here I do not mean lifetime achievements, but daily achievements. Write just one brief line what was so good about your day. Even if you did not do something you intended to do, you should focus on what you did achieve. And believe me, every single day we do something, something we should be proud of ourselves.

Limit time spent on social media

Monitor how much time you spend on our Instagram, YouTube or any other social platform. Too much scrolling will take you from important things away. 

Have less planned and don’t think ahead too much

Planning is good and of course, you can plan ahead, but there is also a healthy limit to it and you should try to balance that. I also sometimes think too much about how my current situations and actions influence my future. But it also limits your spontaneity and open-mindedness. 

Watch more „brain-food“

For me, a big relax in the evening after a tiring day, is to watch YouTube videos. I do not watch things like soap opera or stuff that don’t bring me anything, that doesn’t feed my brain or my life. I look for videos that I can learn something, inspiring videos or just anything that adds value to my life. 

Other things you can also do to declutter your mind and brain are for ex. Increasing your time spent with your friends and family and stop using an excuse like „being busy“ and such.

Believe that things will be good, even better, don’t always only expect the worse. Listen to inspiring people, who have something important to say. 

What do you practice to free your mind from clutter?