HOW I SIMPLIFIED MY LIFE (still in progress)

Today’s world is only about being available all the time, stressful, busy and and and.
I am sure that if not all of you, some might want to live a happy and simple life.
And so do I. Since embracing minimalism, I tried to simplify my life wherever possible.
Some of the changes are just small ones, some of them have been huge.
If you’re curious about how I try to simplify my life on a daily basis, I hope I will inspire you.

Just want to make clear before I start, that the list is not definitive, because minimalism is a journey for me. Not all of the choices are of course for everyone, because minimalism looks different for everyone.

1. Do less housework

I definitely do not stress if I do not tidy up everything straight away, even though I like to have it clean. But our home is not a wreck and the world will not end if I will not use my vacuum cleaner every day.

2. No TV

I definitely stopped watching TV for some time now. However, I have to admit, that we own TV. Since I live with my boyfriend and he’s still watching, we do have one. But I can’t even remember when was the last time I really watched something from beginning to the end. There’s nothing I can learn from and all the TV Shows bring no value to my life.
If I want to watch a movie I use my computer and stream.

3. Eat simple

This may sound weird to some of you, but I don’t cook for our family. I live with my boyfriend he eats separately and I do eat separately too. We also do not eat at the same time and we both cook and prepare meals at different times too. I am vegan, he is a meat-eater. I simply buy what I want without worrying about the recipes. I eat simple meals, always fresh, a lot of veggies and fruits.

4. Simple Wardrobe

I used to buy clothes like crazy. But I realize that I do not need so much stuff at all. If you have simple basic items, you can create a lot more outfits than with the latest fashion trends, that will fade away anyway. I also ditched fast fashion and buy more secondhand and ethical brands.

5. Easy Laundry

I have to say that I do not iron my clothes after I wash them, which saves me a lot of time. I simply do not buy clothes that require ironing. And since I do not own any „special“ materials, I can simply put all the clothes in one wash and wash together, so I do not have to separate.

6.Few Friends

When I was younger I used to have a lot of friends and superficial friendships. But now I only have few friends I hold close to my heart, who support me and that is more important to me. So you too, don’t be afraid to let go of people who are not supporting and encouraging you.

7. Go Out

Spending time outside is the best to relax. I calm you down and when you want to free your mind or feel overwhelmed, going to nature is the best option to recharge your battery. It is more adventurous then shopping at the weekends.

8. Accept yourself

Starting to love yourself and to accept yourself is probably the biggest challenge for every one of us. When we try to pretend to be someone else, it can be really draining. It’s not always easy, but it’s important to feel secure and comfortable with yourself and in yourself. Accept you, for who you really are.

I am just sharing what works for me and if that will inspire, would be great.
And don’t forget you know what’s best for you!

I would love to hear your ideas, what are your ways to simplify life?