Minimalism became a huge trend in lifestyle interior and wellness niches. But living with less is not just a fashionable phase for true minimalists. It’s a lifestyle that has brought them more freedom, happiness and totally a new perspective on life.

You can practice minimalism in next 5 steps in different areas of your life.

Minimalizing your office

Only keep books you go back to
Donate books you won’t read again
Remove items that you don’t need on the desk to get organized when working
Go through your drawers and remove all the old documents and scrap paper

Minimalizing your closet

Take all the clothes out and onl< put back in those clothes you wear all the time
Other clothes donate or sell
Organize your underwear and socks, remove those which are too old, not worn or have holes.
Get rid of the shoes and bags you do not wear at all.
Organize your wardrobe in a way that suits you to bring more organization

Organizing your electronics

Donate, sell or trash any old phones or laptops, that are no longer used
Decide if you still want to keep CD’s and DVD’s, instead of switching to Netflix or Spotify

Decluttering your beauty products

Throw away anything that is expired
Get rid of any products you don’t use anymore and you will never use again
Organize your beauty products by putting them to a pretty bag or container.

Cleaning up your digital space

Keep only things you need on your desktop
Put things into trash and empty it
Organize your apps and documents into specific order to make it easy to find.
Uninstall apps and programs you don’t want and don’t need anymore.
Unsubscribe any channels you are not interested in anymore
Unfriend people, you don’t really know or are not close to you anymore
Delete email that is not important or is spam/trash
Unfollow any accounts on IG or Twitter that you don’t care to see, make you angry or depressed

I hope you’ve found it helpful and if you’re at the beginning of your minimalist journey, take your time and take it the way it suits you, not someone else.