One of the good ways to live a satisfying life is contentment. The quality of your days or satisfaction is determined by what you have or don't have. But how one does become content when we are constantly persuaded to all the propaganda telling us that we need and want more?

1. Take a break from shopping

We often think that we do not have anything to wear, even though our closets are full of clothes. Challenge yourself not to buy anything in a certain period of time and discover some new outfit combinations from your clothes that you hadn't come up with before. 

2. Don’t Complain

I’ve realized that the words I say influence my attitude. How I feel, how I think etc. And if I let myself complain, I’ve noticed that I become more unsatisfied and discontent. On the other side when I say and think nice words, I also feel better and I am thankful and gracious. 

Sometimes is better to swallow some words that we want to say even though it takes a lot of self-control. But to be honest, it will open you door so many good things. 

3.Declutter your mind by eliminating advertisements and propaganda

We all are influenced by the hype, seeing all the latest things makes us want it and think we should have it too. So try to avoid watching too much TV, cancel your magazine subscription, stop internet shopping and do not visit shopping centers if you do not have to. Instead of that, free yourself from all the pressure from advertisements and media. And be content with what you already have. 

4.Meet frugal people and have fun

People you surround yourself with often influence our spending habits. Try to hang out with frugal people, even though you’re not very frugal yourself. Discover the fun of the community and relationships and be reminded that more stuff doesn’t bring more happiness. 

5.Learn to DIY

Have you ever tried some DIY? If yes, then you know that there is a lot of fulfillment that comes from those projects. Especially when you also save some money. Challenge yourself to try at least one new DIY every month. 

6. Make a Gratitude List

Challenge yourself to focus on your blessings and things you grateful for, instead of focusing on hard and difficult things. Either every morning or every evening, write down 3 things you are thankful for. You will be amazed at how it will change your perspective on life.

To sum it all up. Try to focus on the essentials.  Only you know what’s important to your wellbeing and what's not. Figure out what you already have that makes your content and what is unnecessary. Each of us holds the key to their own happiness. 

A lot of things that make us being more content are not even bought, they are right in front of us.