How is minimalism linked to self-love? In our world today, we seek for love through things. We try to find fulfillment, happiness, joy, and love from buying more stuff, social media, and we fell like we have to constantly be better than anyone else. Minimalist brings you back to earth and teaches you to feel comfortable in your own skin and with your life.

For me, it’s been a long road (and it still is a process). I also struggle and this journey showed me, that I was most unsure about myself, I was comparing my life with someone else's, I had unrealistic expectations and I hated my body too.

If you start to love yourself as you are, a little candle with light up in your life. You will have more power and inner strength. You will be much happier. 


I would like to share with you some tips that helped me to love myself more and I hope I can inspire you and help you on your journey if you also struggle with loving your self for who you really are. 



Mindfulness is allowing you to be present and to acknowledge and accept your feeling, emotions, and thoughts. It also lets you know, why you don’t love yourself and when you compare yourself to others. 

Exercise: Stand in front of the mirror, say „I Love you“. Do this for a week and keep notes of how it makes you feel and what do you think.

Kindness and Self-respect

I am pretty sure you will never kick your friend when he/she’s down. You will for sure try to encourage them, be kind and offer support. So why don’t you give yourself a hug? Be kind to you and start to love yourself for who you are NOW AT THE MOMENT, not when you lose weight. Be kind to yourself NOW. Show yourself respect, because you deserve it.

Exercise: Be intentional about what you put in and on your body. Adopt self-love ritual or a self-care routine to show kindness and respect to yourself. Make it a daily habit and treat yourself.


Listen. You’re not perfect. No one is. We all make mistakes. And if you’re seeking and striving or perfection you are only holding yourself back. From all the beauty in the world and the love and happiness, it has to offer. It is also keeping you away from discovering new things, new places,. 

Exercise: Forgive yourself. Write a forgiveness letter to you. Forgive yourself all the past mistakes, bad thought, money issues, etc. and then burn it. After you’ve forgotten yourself, tell yourself what you DO want from life.

Encouragement and empowerment 

When was the last time you told yourself you were funny, beautiful, happy, smart or worth of success? Don’t remember? Then use positive self-talk to encourage you, Set your intentions in your subconscious. If you focus on the negativity you will get more of it. If you focus on love or prosperity you will get more of it in life. We all have bad days too and not every day is full of roses or sunny. But when you encourage yourself with more positive energy, bad days become fewer and you will get better much faster. 

Exercise: A good practice is to build gratitude. Write affirmations every single day and things you are grateful for. 

Don’t Compare

The comparison doesn’t bring you anything. It will only get frustrated and unhappy. It takes all your energy and enthusiasm. I know it’s hard nowadays when we see people posting only the best out of their life. But let’s be honest, who will post something bad or inappropriate ?? 

Exercise: Focus on your journey and make a list of your strengths. Stop yourself when you start comparing. 

Start to love yourself TODAY, not tomorrow,  Stop holding on the belief you are unworthy of a beautiful life. Instead, wear a smile from ear to ear and don’t care what the other thinks. If you are happy you radiate happiness and positive vibes and you will uplift everyone around you.