Yes, I am a moderate Minimalist. And I own things.

Wait! You want to start minimalism lifestyle, but you think you have to get rid of everything, live with no belongings locked up at home? Wrong.

We can still live minimalism lifestyle and own things. The point of minimalism is that the things that you own add value to your life. And what adds value to your life may not add value to another’s. So there is no ideal way of minimalism. So don’t worry! 


I love nice clothes and cute little things, traveling, and books. So this all obviously came to a question. Of course, it all cost me money and time to maintain. 

And the solution was not to stop these passions, but prioritize them and eliminate something of less value. 

Traveling is experiencing and I do not mind spending money on that. And I can invest even more time and money here because I stopped spending time and money on things I did but added no value to my life. 

Good quality clothes are timeless, last longer and yea I do not have to buy regular new trends. I am satisfied with having fewer clothes, but basic items, to create even more outfits. 

Having even more

The beauty of minimalism or a simpler life is that we live with much more that makes us happy. 

Happiness is a goal. And it’s individual for each of us. Again and again, there is no definition of minimalism. Just a question: Does it make you happy’? If yes, it stays. If no, then it goes. It does not matter what it is. If it’s a luxury article or an expensive haircut. If it makes you happy if it's necessary and if it adds value to your life that doesn’t you dare let it go. Instead, give up everything else that doesn't make you happy. 

Getting rid of stuff is not an answer

Giving up things, including what makes you happy, will only make you miserable and that’s not the point. If you’re not sure what makes you happy and you’re unsure, Try to live without something, you are not sure about, as a way to test yourself. Take your time.

I do minimalism my own way and I do keep some things. If people think, that that would make me less of a minimalist than it’s totally ok because everyone is entitled to an opinion. 

How about you? What are you keeping?What could you live without?