I started my personal minimalism journey approx. a year ago, when I was unemployed and was watching YouTube videos in the evening. I got so inspired by so many great people in this minimalism niche. I enjoyed decluttering and giving our place a space. But only after creating my own definition of minimalism I started to applying it fully some areas of my life. 

And here is how minimalism changed my life. Positively .


Minimalism changed my life by making me realize what brings joy into my life and what really matters to me. You will gain clarity on what you actually want to keep in your life. According to you clothes, you start to create your personal style, how do you want to feel and how do you want to present yourself.

In general, you start to realize what are your values and what is important in your life. 

So what is it? How can you live your values?


Setting priorities is another thing minimalism changed in my life. I was busy doing a lot of stuff, most of the time, I was doing things that weren’t necessary or I didn’t like doing them. Now when I put things on my to-do-list I make sure it’s important to me. I also increased my productivity level , my time management also changed. 

Of course there are days, when I am not in the mood to do anything. Obviously, those are the days I need to take a rest as a top priority. 

3.Making decisions

A lot of people start practicing minimalism by decluttering there clothes. By asking questions like : Do this skirt sparks joy? Do I like it? Will I wear it again? As I was decluttering and asking myself questions I soon realized that I started to apply the same to all areas of my life. I asked myself what’s best for me, what makes me happy and simply do that. 

It might be hard at the beginning realizing what things to keep and what decisions to make. But as with most things in life, everything takes practice. And what is a better way to start than with decluttering your environment .

4.Quality over quantity

When it comes to shopping, because I also need to shop when things get worn out, broken or just used up, I focus more on buying quality items rather than picking up things I find at discounted prices. I realized that I don’t need for ex. 5 pairs of cheap jeans, that get worn out in couple of weeks, instead I would buy better quality for higher price, but they would last much longer. And that goes also for other things than just clothing. 


I started valuing my time more and how I use my time. Because obviously I do not want to spend my time on unimportant stuff .  Also the less I have the less I have to clean, which also saves me a lot of time. Also I do not shop that much, so I don’t spend money on things I don’t need. I gain more time on things I want to do. More sport, more time with family and friends and more time to relax.


When I applied minimalist mindset to my social media and to my relationships with people in real life, this area has also changed a lot. I focus more on making the most out of my life than to look how other people are living their life. I try to create my own content than to consume other people’s content. And I keep on improving my personal relationships with the people I used to hang out with years ago. I am very social person and I love to be surrounded by people that I love.   For me it’s important to have these quality times together that we can enjoy.

7.Saying NO

Probably the hardest challenge ever for me. I was always an „yes-sayer“. If I would say no to someone, I would feel bad, I always wanted to serve everyone, even if I wasn’t 100 % sure if I can do it. Also sometimes I didn’t even feel like doing it, but I just had to. I thought back than. Of course it didn’t make me happy after all.

Minimalism changed my life and taught me that it’s okay to say no to people. Also to let go of things, of sentimental items to free my space and my mind from emotional clutter. Importance of prioritizing my own happiness is what counts. 

Minimalism is a journey of self-discovery. What I love about minimalism is that you can create your own version. It’s not only about the clothes you will keep or get rid of. It’s about finding value in your life and learn to say no to everything that is no aligning with your values. It’s about prioritizing what is important to you and in your life to have a happy and satisfied life. 

It’s not selfish, it’s necessary to find what feels good and let go of everything else.