There are many signs to look for in life to decide if you want to live more minimalistic.
If any of these describes you, then you probably might be and start to consider developing more minimalist lifestyle.


1. A cluttered home causes you stress and make you feel overwhelmed.

2. A busy schedule puts you under pressure

3. You are turned off by the excessive consumerism.

4. You feel like you don’t have time, energy or money to truly enjoy your life.

5. You wish you had more money to buy high-quality things that will last longer.

6. You regret not prioritizing your hobbies, relationships or following your dreams.

7. You feel like you don't have time to do what you want to.

8. You are frustrated with cleaning taking you so much time.

9. You have to put back your priorities because of urgent tasks and activities.

10. You are willing to give up some things if you know that it will make you happier.

11. You wish you could be more content with what you have. 

12. You want to get your finances under control, because wasting money became an issue.

13. You want your life to be different in terms of how you want to spend your time and money.

14. You feel like you are not getting there where you want to be because you are wasting time on other things. 

15. You want to take control of your life instead of letting someone or something dictate how you should spend your time.

Minimalism can literally affect every are of your life such as health, parenting, organizing , money, or traveling.

Living more minimalist life will bring you more joy that you think, because you want waste your life. No regrets. You prioritize what matters and what is important in your life.

If you want to more time, more energy, more space, more money, more freedom or less stress, try to live more minimalist lifestyle and you will get there sooner than you think.