Your time is one of the most valuable personal assets. Do you use your time wisely? How about more freedom, more time to do things that you really enjoy?

I am sure, we all do sometimes things that are not valuable to our life. And on these things we should definitely stop wasting our time. 

Beating yourself up

Don’t allow yourself to become your worst enemy. Stop wasting time, by telling yourself you’re not good enough, you’re stupid, instead try being more kindly. Learn from your mistake and use them as teaching tools. 


Regretting will not change anything. It won’t make  your current circumstances or situation better and it will not change your past. Regretting also keeps you stuck, and if you’ll spend too much time on regretting you will not move forward. So do not spend your time any energy thinking what could have been. So let it go and take that energy to work or create something. 

Busyness (pointless)

Being busy for no reason is a pointless busyness. Sometimes we get so busy, we feel overwhelmed and then we even try to do all at once, ending up getting nothing done. 

There is a huge difference between being „busy“ and being „productive“. Just because you find yourself being busy, that doesn’t not mean that you get a lot of things done. Focus on one task and finish it before you start with another. 


As much as we try to avoid it , drama finds its way in. Getting involved in drama is pointless and a huge waste of time. Of course sometimes we just looove gossiping, telling stories, and sometimes this drama thing happens and if we’re not a part of it, it’s not always easy, when we have people telling their part of the story. 

Pushing away your feelings

A lot of people are afraid to let themselves feel. Positive or negative. But also negative feelings have their purpose. If you try to resent those feelings, they can hit you even harder. The purpose of these is to help you survive. Let yourself feel this emotions, if you feel upset or frustrated too. 

Toxic people and relationships

Every now and then, take some time to re-evaluate your relationships. Gossiping, complaining, nagging and things like that does not bring value to you life at all. Let go of these, ending toxic relationships can transform your life enormously. 

Saying “yes” when you want to say “no”

For a lot of is saying „no“ not always easy. Maybe we are afraid to hurt our relationship or we just do not want to disappoint someone. But do not be afraid to say no, because your time and energy are the most valuable resources and you should not invest them in things that are not important to you. You have to live your life on your own terms, without allowing anyone else to dictate you what to do or not do. 


Constant comparison, especially now when most of the people put their lives online for everyone else to see, is kind of unfair. On the one hand we judge, thinking we might do it better than others, but on the other hand, we also sometimes feel jealous when looking at some else’s successful life. Jealousy and judgement do not serve you, it’s not a positive feeling. Stop being unfair to yourself and to the others. Learn to appreciate who you are, where you are and all the good things in your life. Stop wasting your time or worrying what everyone else is doing. 



„I will be happy when…“
„Things get better when…“

If you are waiting for a perfect moment, I. Can tell you, perfect moments never come. If you want to do something or accomplish then do it NOW. No matter how small step you might take, just take it. Do not spend the rest of your life waiting.

Try to make a change instead of picking up fights with your loved ones, refuse to forgive, waiting for things to simplify. It’s not until something painful happens to us, that we realize how much time we wasted. So stop wasting your time and start living your life on your own terms.