Minimalism is not only about possessions. There is so much more than that. Have you ever thought  about how often do you commit to take care of yourself? Sometimes we pay so much attentions to everything else, that we forget and neglect ourselves. Self-care is important. 

Too much clutter is not good for anyone. We all need space to clear our mental clutter and make a peaceful mental environment. To clear your home and declutter your home is one thing, bur to create a minimalist mindset is totally another dimension .

So how do you create  a minimalist mindset?

What works for you might not work for others. But there are some ways to clear you mental clutter I would like to share. 


I put this as a Nr. one on my list, because for me it is my meditation. I do not say I exercise as a dog, but when I go jogging or do rebounding I forget about anything else. After that I always feel happier. It clears my mind and brings life back into perspective. So choose activity that you enjoy.


Meditation can be made in different forms. You can still get benefits from yoga, even if you’re not into sitting cross-legged in silence. Try some yoga routine such as walking in the park or reflect in silence for a few minutes when you go to sleep. You may not resolve the problems, but you can at least give yourself a chance to evaluate how you’re feeling and move forward.


All the mental preparation can be meaningless if you’re surrounded by mess. The environment you live in is connected to your mental state. If you home is cluttered , your mind will be distracted too.


Simple morning or a night routine can make some differences to a cluttered life.
You don’t have to be strict with yourself, but creating a routine will bring a structure to you life.
Try to create a plan for a day especially if you don’t have a 9-5 job.


Having goal is great, as long as we have goals, we are working hard to achieve them, which keeps us motivated and inspired. To clear a mental clutter you should define your priorities. You can also have multiple goals. 


And I am telling this is helping me so much. If you also feel overwhelmed by amount of information you’re taking in on a daily basis, making lists can be a real lifesaver.

Start creating lists for you life, whatever you find most effective . Life goals, daily goals, journaling etc… Clear your head without forgetting your ideas.


Do you ever plan „alone time“ to your day? If no you should. Give yourself a break, switch off your phone and send some time just with yourself. Focus on yourself. Try to schedule your evening where you spend some time alone. Taking bath, reading a book, anything that suits you and allows you to relax and reflect.

How do you practice self-care? 
I hope at least one of those routines could inspire and motivate to maintain a minimalist mindset. 
If not I am sure there are many other ways how to clear your mind.