Minimalist living is different. It is contrary to every advertisement that we have ever seen, because we live in a society, that teaches us how to have more and more stuff, to consume more to possess more. But there is more than that. There is more joy to be found by owning less.

Let me show you couple of benefits of living with fewer possessions .

1.More Freedom

Freedom is reality that can define your life. So get rid of all our clutter.

2.Spending Less

The simple reality is, minimal living costs you less. You spend less money on unimportant things. The secret of financial freedom is spending less and not earning more. 

3.Less Stress

Home that is minimal is less stressful and has a calming feel. Clutter is form of visual distraction and the less clutter, the less visual stress we experience. 

4.More Productivity

A lot of stuff and clutter consume our time, more than we think. It starts from clean to organizing to buying to maintaining etc. Take shopping as an example. How much hours do we spend shopping? A lot. If you remove shopping from your schedule and start to live simpler you will give yourself and opportunity to live more productive. We only have one life so be wise and make it as productive as possible. 

5.Less Cleaning

When we own less, cleaning become easier. Also if you declutter, you will find it easier to keep everything tidy.

6.Owning Higher Quality

I always thought that if I own more I will own better and nicer, but it’s actually an opposite . Through buying fewer things you give yourself an opportunity to to own less but nicer things. Purchase and invest in a better higher quality, that might costs a bit more instead of buying cheap stuff that will have to be replaced soon anyway. 


7.Better for Environment

Again, the less we consume the less damage we do to the environment and that is actually a benefit for each of us. 

8.Being Happier

Best things in life are not things. And there have been a lot of surveys that says that more that half of asked people were happier when they own less. 

9.Doing What You Love

It doesn't matter how old are you. Making decisions and choices will affect your life and future for the rest of your life. Owning less and living intentionally will open up the rest of your life to endless possibilities . So choose to do what you love.

10.More Organization

I am sure everyone had experienced this. You needed something urgently, and you were going and searching through your stuff, trying to find it? This will never happen if you will own less. You will find things more easily. You will bring more organization to you life. You will be more quicker too. 

11. Opportunity to rest

We must guard the natural rhythm od our lives. In our world, there is a danger, claiming that we can work without the rest. Danger for you bodies, emotional well-being or our relationships . So take a breath and take a rest. 

I am sure there are even more benefits of owning less, if you experienced something else, please share you ideas in comments below.  :)