Although the idea of minimalism’s to choose to live with less to simplify your life, and that means being intentional about buying less and bringing a lot less to you home. Minimalists also need to go shopping and buy things. Some things get used up, worn our, or you are looking for some gifts. But the key is to learn being intentional about what you buy .

I consider myself kind of „moderate minimalist“, by that I mean that I want to reduce and eliminate things we don’t need, but I do not want to live with so little, that our home will feel uncomfortable and won’t bring us joy. As I mentioned million times, minimalism looks different to all of us. 

I also think minimalism shouldn't be restrictive, so you won’t buy things you love and need. But of course buying intentionally is a minimalist mindset and , things you purchase should bring and add value to your life. 

I prepared some strategies to help you shop like minimalist and make intentional purchases. Choose what will help you and you can transfer to your life.

1. Unsubscribe from e-mails

Remove as many temptations as possible to avoid making impulsive purchases. Marketing experts know how to do it, so that it’s hard to resist to shop when your inbox is full of advertisements about sales, latest and limited editions etc. 

2. Wait 1-2 days before purchasing

When you see something at the shop , you might get excited about buying something and then regret the purchase later. To avoid this, give yourself 1-2 days before buying something. You will think over the purchase and maybe you will realize that you don't even want it anymore.

3. Avoid shopping malls whenever possible 

Same as the e-mails subscriptions. Don’t spend a lot of time in a malls or shopping centers, because advertising and marketing strategies are really hard to resist when we see and touch the items even more.

4. Wait 30 days before buying

If you have something on your wishlist or you are considering buying something for a longer time, wait for 30 days, decide then after 30 days if you still want it.

5. Plan a no spend day/week/month

Spending freeze is and interesting way how to bring shed light on you spending and buying habits. You will give yourself opportunity to see if you are able to do it in a first way and how thoughtfully or thoughtlessly you make purchases.

6. Make a list

Make a list of things that you intend to buy and give yourself time to think it over , so you know that you are buying for a good reasons. Stick to it and avoid impulse purchases.

7. Buy experiences more then things

If you are looking for a gift or a nice present for someone try to find experiences over physical things. I am sure that the person will appreciate it more, because you will share same memories but also spend some quality time together. Meal out, a movie, yoga class, concert tickers or a simple coffee date with your friend are some of the examples. Even for yourself, look for experience rather then something that will clutter up your space.

8. Pay with cash

Pay with cash only. It will make it to feel harder to hand over a cash, then swiping a debit or credit card. 

9. Ask yourself why

Before you make a purchase, ask yourself why you want to buy it in a first place. Is it really because you considered it and you know that it will add value to your life? Or Or you just trying to to make yourself better by something new? Do you want to impress someone or are you just bored? We tent to buy for wrong reasons. So be honest with yourself and about your motivation to buy something.

10. Use up or wear out what you have before buying new

To help eliminate duplicated and add clutter to your home, make sure that you have used up for / worn out what you already have before buying more. 

11. One-in One-out rule

Whenever you buy something new and bring it home, find something to get rid go in return 

Once you’ve decided to buy something ask yourself these question to be sure that that what you want to buy will add value to your life. 

12. Do you really need it?

Honestly ask this question and answer honestly as well. If you’re not sure and answer is not absolutely yes, re-evaluate the purchase.

13. Do you really love it?

Sometimes we get excited about the idea of buying something new. Answer honestly, if you truly love the item you are buying. If you don’t, wait until you find something you do.

14. Will you use it often?

If you’ll use it on regular basis and it will add value to your life, probably it’s a good purchase. If that’s something you will only use occasionally , it might not be worth the space and clutter. 

15. Do you have a place for this item?

If you don’t have space and place to keep the item you wand to buy, wait until you can find or create a space for it. 

16. What are you willing to let go of before bringing something new?

Again one-in one-out rule. Decide what you will get rid of after purchasing a new item. 

17. Do you already own something similar you can use instead?

If you think a little bit, you may realize that you already own something you could use instead of the item you are considering buying. So you might don’t need to buy something new. 

I am not saying that you shouldn't have fun, or shop or treat yourself. It’s not about restrictions. In fact it’s opposite. Become more intentional with what you buy and bring to your life. 

Avoid cluttering your life and give yourself more time and space and enjoy your life. 

What about you? When do you make the most impulse purchases? How can you try to buy with more intention? Do you have other tips to „shop like minimalist“ ? 

I would love to hear you feedback , leave a comment below :)