Minimalist is constantly changing my life. But in a good and positive way. It is providing me benefits and experiences. Becoming minimalist is not something I could have imagined couple years ago, and now I cannot imagine live other way. 

I am not saying that I am done on my journey. Minimalism is not a goal, as I said, it’s a journey, and I am still experiencing new things and learning a lot. 

A big misconception is that you have to get rid of all your stuff and live with 100 things. Yes, it is about decluttering and about getting air of stuff, but stuff, you do not want anymore, you do not love anymore and stuff that won’t make bring you any values to your life, in order do focus on what’s important to find happiness and freedom. At least for me :)

So what benefits brought Minimalism to my life? This is the question I will answer in this post.

1.Less Stuff-More Space

This is pretty obvious answer, but so true. And while transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle, you will notice this benefit in a first way. When you’ll go through your stuff and you’ll see what you want to keep or what you want to discard you realize how much excess you have in your home.

Creating more space will allow your home to breathe. It will take some time to declutter to get your home where you want it. But it’s worth it . I am still working on it too. As I said it’s a journey :)

2.More Time

While decluttering and refining your routine you will find more time to do things you love and enjoy. If someone would tell this to me, before I started my minimalism journey I would not believe it. But it's true. 

You will see, when you remove all of the clutter and excess, that you will have more free time and a new focus. So what will you do with your free time? Will you read more books, learn new skills, meet your friends more often, discover your passion?

Find out and work towards your dreams with more time.

3.Small, but useful wardrobe

Getting rid of clothes it's probably the biggest issue, while transiting to minimalist lifestyle. Even though we sometimes do not wear certain items, we don’t want to get rid of them, because we spend money on it. Or we think „one day“ I could wear it. Or it was gifted to us, and we feel bad about throwing away. But what is the point of keeping things we do not wear and do not like? Clutter, less space, no overview. 

Having a cohesive wardrobe makes life simpler. go through your clothes. Get rid of all clothes, you don’t wear, are broken, old, clothes that are uncomfortable and donated or sell them. Find your own style and keep things you feel comfortable wearing, makes you happy and you love to wear. Make your wardrobe versatile, to create a wardrobe that works together and is full of pieces you will look fabulous wearing. You will also create endless possibilities on outfits and you won't struggle that you do not have to wear anything anymore.

4.Less Stress

So once I started to remove the excess I realized, that my surroundings triggered my stress. I don't like messy and crowded rooms and it sometimes seriously stresses me, because since I do live my boyfriend (not a minimalist) and our 2 doggies (also not very minimalistic :) ), there is always some stuff sitting around. Everywhere. So I still have to work on this. But when I clean up the rooms I notice, that the stress is reduced. 

So the point is, keep your home cleaner and tidier in order to reduce stress, but don't stress yourself when you live with non-minimalist and it might get little messy. Create your own room or area, where you can fell comfortable and satisfied. 


5.Less time cleaning and organizing

Have you sometimes think of the fact how many times you organized and reorganized your stuff and then felt like you only wasted your time? That’s when you should realize what do you need and what needs to be removed to give more space for things you need to have space for. 

I will also suggest to clear as much ass possible on your counter tops. You won't have to remove things constantly out of your way while cleaning and it will help your space look bigger.


Even though we sometimes do a lot and work a lot, we do not feel satisfied or even lost or confused. If you ask yourself, how is that possible, that even if you do so much things and you are productive, you can not discover your passions?

It’s probably because you are not living fulfilling life to be able to discover them due to all the mess. 

Gain clarity for your life and remove all distraction from your life. Design a life of less. Of more what you love, less of what you don't . 

What benefits have you discovered, or would you like to if you’re just adopting this lifestyle ? Leave me comments below.