Simplicity for me means life philosophy and a practical activity. It’s about rearranging priorities and then living life according to the goals. Also there are very practical aspects of simplifying such as organized schedule, more free time, less stress or organized living space.

Simple life doesn't mean a boring one. It’s not about going to basics or deprivation. For me, simplify help me to focus more and enjoy everything that is important to me. I do not want to waste time on things that don’t matter. 


Less is definitely more. 

Here some of my tips, if you would like to simplify your life, to have more mindful life.

1.Create Routines

Routines give you structure and can eliminate stress. Build up a routine you find helpful in your life , ex. morning or evening routine, meal planning or laundry routine. Just whatever works for you. 

2.Track Expenses

I do not strict follow any rules, but I track my expenses , it's a simple trick. You’ll know where your money goes, what your monthly expenses are and where you maybe need to cut back. If you are one of that persons, who stress about where your money goes, track your expenses.

3.Ditch the TV

The reason I ditched the TV was very simple. There’s a lot of trash there, in my opinion. Of course there is a difference between a good TV show and just turning the TV on a get stuck in front of it. If you are not ready to ditch TV completely, eliminate the the sitting in from of it at least.

4.Pack a mini Essentials Kit


You don't need to carry half of your belongings on your shoulder everyday. Create a mini bag with essentials kit, so you won't have to repack every time you change bags. Mine include tissues, keys, basic beauty such as hand cream, lip balm and hairband and my earphones. Then a wallet and my bullet journal and I am good to go.

5.Know your style

Understanding of your personal style simplifies your life in a lot of ways. It will make it easier for you to shop items you love and wear quite often, you won’t spend money on unnecessary things and you will be quicker finding an outfit in the morning too.

6.Stop Multitasking 

Multitasking doesn't work. Most of us are not able to focus on different tasks, at least not very effectively. Embrace single-tasking instead, concentrate and pay attention to a single task or activity to be more effective and productive.

7.Choose Quality Over Quantity 

Focus on qualitative items instead of quantitative . It will help you eliminate a lot of clutter, unnecessary purchases and a lot of stress. Think twice before you buy something, make better decisions about what you’re willing to spend on and spend money on things that will last for a long time. Buy less but buy better.

8.Turn Off Push Notifications

Once you done it you will be in control. You won't have to run to your phone and check, as soon as your phone rings. You can check your social media feed when you want. Consume and engage when you choose to. You won’t miss a think, instead you will get more time and focus.

9.Declutter Your Social Media Feed

This is a great way how to create control over your digital consumption. Delete unused files, unsubscribe from email you never open, unfollow people whose content you don’t enjoy anymore, clear up your email inbox etc. 

10.Embrace enough

Enough is not about missing out or settling. It^s about enjoying and appreciating what we already have. 

11.Carry A Reusable bag

Say no to plastic bags for ethical and practical reasons. Always keep a a large reusable bag in your handbag or car. It’s t most simplest thing how to protect environment and keep plastic bags out of your home.


So decluttering can not be left out of a list like this. Evaluate what you have and need and get rid of the rest. 

13.Create Your Own Version of a Simple Life

Of course these tips work for me and do not have to work for all of you. You can come up with your own version to make your life more easier. Make a list of things that you feel might cause you anxiety, stress or take away your time and energy and think of ways and tricks how to simplify them. Do what works best for you.

What other tips you have to simplify your life? Leave comments below.