What is actually simplifying?

For me simplifying means declutter. Decluttering your home, your time and your mind. Once you’ve simplified, what's left is what you love and it’s worth organizing . Also you prioritize everything. You decide, what you love the most and you give these things, persons or experiences the most of your time. Every day.

So if you want to more simple and free life I have some tips how to start moving this direction. You can simplify your life little by little. 


Ask yourself „what can you change, what could you live without?“ Could you live without your kitchen machine  or the books we’ve already read? If the answer, and if you even find more items that you could live without, get rid of them.

2.Learn to say no

I know that for some people it might be very hard to say no. For me too. But we actually need to learn the art of saying no. We are not capable to do everything. So how do you say no if you are asked to do a good thing? You just have to. If you are not 100% sure about, accomplishing that what you have been asked for with a success, just say no. Because in the end if you fail or you could not do exactly that what you’ve been asked for, you and the other person, you 2, will be disappointed . Do not feel guilty about saying no. Saying no allows you to have more time to focus on what you truly want.

3. Slow down

This is also something you will have to learn. Slow. The heck. Down. And take a breath. Stop running from thing to thing. 

Do one thing after another, complete your tasks, before you start with another. And take everything with ease. Do not put yourself under pressure. And keep everything simple. Make a do-to-lists or plan your things in advance so you won't get stressed out. Also when you slow down you will learn to do things correctly and enjoy things more,

4.Take a break from social networks

Another way how to simplify your life is to minimize the time you open on your phone or on your computer.  In our society, it is kind f expected to answer the phone, answer the text or respond to email immediately. But you do not have to.

Make a habit of putting your phone away and spend the time with the people you love instead. If you are doing something and your phone rings, just respond with a simple: I can not talk right now. Or Can I call you later?

Or even easier let it go to voicemail, and respond the people when it makes sense to do so. Same with e-mail, you do not have to respond immediately. 

5.Plan and set your priorities

Very important way to simplify your life is to know your priorities and put them first. Plan time for what really matters to you. Find where your time is going when setting priorities. Than plan out your day, but do not forget to make time for yourself too.


If you think, these things brings more life to your life, give them a try.