There is an assumption, that minimalists are all about white walls and empty apartments .But that is not it. There is no definition of minimalism and for each of us mean minimalism something different.The thing that all of the minimalists have in common is , they know having less stuff offers space for focus, gratitude and free mind.


If you are considering to start your own minimalism journey, here are things that MINIMALISTS DON’T DO.

They don’t worry about what other people think

When it comes to important things and decisions, minimalists have learned not to defer to the other people. Nowadays, there is tendency to be influenced by other people’s opinions. Minimalists do what they think is the best for them instead of following other people’s opinions.  

They don’t loose time and sleep over keeping up with trends

When it comes to stuff, minimalists own just enough. They invest more in fewer but qualitative pieces, that last longer and they are not spending a lot of energy and time shopping for those items everyone else is after. Trends will be outdated and disposed when the season is over. Of course minimalists do pay attention to style too, it’s just, they invest more into personal and individual style, not what consumer trends dictate. 

They don’t spend days cleaning out their home

The easiest way to keeps things tidy is to get rid of all clutter at your home. When you’re not using things in your household, they need to be take taken care of such as storing, cleaning, organizing or fixing. Minimalists refuse to give up their time cleaning, so they can spend more time doing what they love. Having less stuff that clutter up a a space, means quicker cleaning and you can use your time in more reasonable way.

They don’t forget about time spend with their loved ones

A lot of minimalists prioritize experience over material things. They are rather collecting memories than things. Whether it’s spending time with the family, having a dinner with friends, planning next trip with the one they love etc. They are more keeping an eye out for the adventure, rather then for the next great buy. 

They don’t do things that make them unhappy

Sometimes there are things that have to be done, but we may not want to do them. But if doing something causes you bad mood or makes you sad, try to find a way to eliminate it. For ex. If someone asked you to do him/ her a favor, you said yes, but you haven’t been 100% sure. Minimalists focus on what they can remove to make them happy. As long as you start to identify and adverse habit and activities, you’ll become much more happier. 

They don’t hang onto stuff

Minimalists don’t like to be overwhelmed by having too many things. When you look at something that brings you negative feelings it should go immediately . Also if if does not bring you joy or other positive emotion, get rid of it. 

They don’t stay in unpleasing environments 

Whether it’s our place to work or being surrounded by certain people , we often underestimate what impact does it have on our mood, thoughts or behaviors. For minimalists it’s important to find the type of environments that they feel comfortable with and that inspire them. 

They don’t lose the curiosity

Creativity requires stying curios. Minimalists often ask themselves question and seek for their own answers. It is helpful in all areas with dealing with a clutter, to lead simpler and happier life. 

*Take these tips as an inspiration. You can use these in your everyday life. Don’t do anything, own anything or be around anyone that you don’t love. If it makes you feel uncomfortable or bad it has no place in your mind and life.