Decluttering your home, simplifying your schedule and commitments can do wonders for your life.
Minimalism looks different for each of us, depends on what we prioritize. The more you let go of , the more space you make for other things to experience in life.
At the beginning of your minimalism journey, it can be quite hard, demotivating and it needs a lot of work. It will require time, effort and patience.

But there are so many reasons to love minimalism and the benefits that minimalism brings into your life are completely worth the time and effort. 

I want you to encourage and inspire your to start experiencing the benefits of less.

More time and energy

Every single thing you own takes up some of your time and energy. When you decide to buy something you need to research it, shop it, pay for it and bring it home. Then you have to store it, clean and organize it etc.. Some things are worth the time and energy, these are tings you use and bring you joy.  The less stuff you own, the less time and energy you spend managing your stuff. And you have more time to focus on things that are important to you.

More space

It’s obvious, that the less stuff you fill your house with, the more space you have. With less things you do not have your closets full. You create open and breathing rooms. We do not need to buy bigger houses, with bigger closets and more storage space. 

More money

We also naturally tend to spend less money, when we embrace minimalism and own less. And when you decide to buy new stuff you think about it. Not only spending less money but also saving money is a great side effect. 

Less stress

Cluttered and chaotic home is bombarding you and your mind has to work much harder. There are so many examples of how too much stress adds stress to you life for ex. Paying for it, cleaning it, organizing and managing it or even losing it. If you own less it means that you only have few things adding stress to you life.

Less mental clutter & more focus

Cluttered home equals cluttered mind. If you have a lot of stuff you might feel overwhelmed or lack of concentration. Minimizing your clutter, create more calming environment. A place where you can relax and rest. And also you can focus more. 

More time for things you love

By having fewer things, you gain more time and energy for what you really love. It could be hobby or activity you want more time for. Or just spending time with your friends and family. 

More freedom

By owning less you realize what actually is important for you and what adds values to your life. It will looks different for all of us. The freedom and flexibility you gain, might mean, that you can play more with your kids or you can travel more. This gives you the opportunity to create the life you want. 

Improving relationships

Minimalism also gives you the opportunity to improve relationships and focus on people you love. Again you have more time and energy and it gives you chance to meet people for a coffee because you have more free time. Or playing with kids instead of just cleaning up. Having less stuff at home, allows you to invite your friends, your home stays tidier when you have less stuff. It deepens your relationships without stressing about how cluttered your home is.

Easier and faster cleaning

Imagine how cool it would be if we do not have pick up, put away, clean and organize that much. Basically, the home stays cleaner because there is less stuff and you will be faster too. 

More self confidence

After adopting a minimalist mindset, we realize that things we own don’t determine our who we are as people. Our words and our actions show the world the kind of person we are. We become more self confident , because we are not measuring ourself by what we own. We gain self confidence based on what really matters and not on material possessions. 


Owning less leads us to buy less. Consumption has an impact on the environment . Manufacturing , shipping, packing this all cause pollution. We tend to make more careful decisions when we decide to buy something. We value quality over quantity, we look for a better quality option, because they last longer. These items are less likely to end up in the landfill in a short time.

More Calm

If you are surrounded by chaos and clutter it’s harder on you to relax and concentrate yourself. When your space has less clutter you tend to feel calmer and more peaceful. Your home makes it easier or you to feel more at ease.

More organization

In fact, the less stuff you have, the less time you need to spend organizing and managing it. When your home is not jammed full, you have more space for things you keep. And this goes with organization, because owning less allows you simpler, faster and easier organization. 

More gratitude

As long as you start living with less, you become more appreciative of things you have,  You will realize that you already own enough of what you need. You will become more aware of what you keep, when you start to get rid of stuff. Your attitude and mindset shift and the impact, minimalism has on your feelings and gratitude is probably one of the best. 

Clarity about who you are

One of the best point of minimalism for me, is to figure out what is most important to you. Minimalism allows you to remove the excess from your life and you have a chance to set values and priorities. You will become more intentional with your time and energy and gain understanding of you own identity. You discover what you enjoy, what you value and what matters to you the most.

Every one of us starts minimalism for our own reasons. It offers so many benefits, we just need to learn how to let go. Let go of excess in our life. More time, more, freedom, more energy and much many more reasons to love minimalism. 

What are your biggest reasons to love minimalism?