Switching to minimalist lifestyle might be a little overwhelming from the start. You do not even know where to begin, when your house is overstuffed with things you never use.

I know that you can be busy, working full time job or having young kids, but there’s no excuse. You have to set priorities and think of what is important to enjoy life.

I’ve prepared some tips / hacks that you can do just in ONE MINUTE to begin living a minimalist lifestyle. 

So here is a list of things you can get rid of in minute or less. You can start a minimalist lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

-Find broken pens and pencils and get rid of them.

-Donate your T-Shirts you never wear.

-Throw out old expired food.

-Get rid of paper clutter on your counter.

-Get rid of mismatched socks and old underwear,

-Donate a sweatshirt and a pair of shoes.

-Throw out old and expired makeup.

-Donate two dishes and two mugs you don’t use.

-Get rid of all magazines.

-Get rid of book you never read.

-Find piece of decor you don’t like and get rid of them.

-Throw away used and broken blankets.

-Get rid of any broken glass.

-Donate a pair of pants or jeans that don’t fit.

-Get rid of dead plants.


So there you have it. Quick minimalism hacks. Remember, that you don’t have to tackle the entire house at once! Just start with one small task. You will see a progress faster than you think. :)