What does it look like to live minimalistic other than culling your possessions or creating a capsule wardrobe?Here are some areas that are important to think through.


1. Select what you put on your calendar
Look at your schedule. Do you enjoy things that are on the calendar ? Do they help you to live the life you want? Are they important to you and your family? Or you hate them and they are just taking your time away? If yes, remove those things immediately . If you do not feel like some things you’ve put there are important, then there is no reason for them to be written there.

2. Think about your choices before you make them
Minimalism is a way of thinking, so look at the root issues a little closer. Why do you have the urge to shopping? Do you need some time for yourself ? Do you want to connect more with people? 

If someone ask you to do them a favor, think about what you answer.  If you say no, that does not mean that you will never do it. Think through the decisions before you make them.  And do things or wait for things to do that you are passionate about.
Because only you decide about how you spend time. Not habits, not obligations but your choice. 

3. Do not allow habits to rule your life
Minimalism is about being aware of what you are doing and where are you going.Of course it’s comfortable to sit in front of TV and binge-watch series every evening. But that does not mean that you really want it too. Instead of allowing your habits to talk you out of a change, take an action instead.

4. Embrace different hobbies
Many hobbies we have are consumeristic. We need supplies to make things.
For ex. To make a craft training you need craft supplies, to make photos you need a camera. 
Instead of buying things you might not use that often, think through the things you really enjoy and what gives you pleasure. What gives you the sense of accomplishment? What makes you feel relaxed? You will acknowledge that these things, are things you actually love to work at and not things you like to dream about.

5. Focus on connections and relationships
Stop running from one thing to another.
Put down your phone. Switch off the TV and connect with people. Listen to them. Empathize  and be present. Spend time with people you love. 

6. Be mindful of the impact of things
Every one of us has different reason to live minimalistic. And as you grow your in your personal lifestyle you will find things that you allow on your schedule and in your home. These things are things that have positive impact on you and are important to you.
It might mean having a friends over, playing games with your children, or go hiking with the family once a week. 

But also, for ex. embracing low or zero-waste lifestyle or quitting a stressful job.

Practicing daily minimalism means to live intentional.