What is actually minimalism? What does it mean to live minimalistic? Who is minimalist?
What is the definition of minimalism?

Speaking for myself, I do not think there is a definition of minimalism and no rules or guide how to live minimalistic. Because minimalism means something different to different people. One might live as a minimalist in a white, clean apartment, other might be traveling with a single backpack all over the world.
I see minimalism as a journey of reducing and getting rid of things I do not need, I do not want and things that do not make me happy anymore.

So let’s talk about tips why is it better to have a lot less things. 

You save money

And that is true. Since you will not spend money on unnecessary things, you will save a lot of money. You can save money for things that you’ll be dreaming of for a long time, but you could not afford it, because it was too expensive. It does not have to be only things, but also experience and other things like traveling or education.

You will get more space

When we stop buy things and we get rid of things, we get much more space. We do not need to worry that when we open the cupboard everything falls on the ground. Or us :D If you get place in your home you might find a place for another things. Not only you get space in your home but also in your mind. 

You will find things quicker

And that is so true. When we have less things and everything has its place, it is so much easier to find things we look for. 

You do not need to clean up that much

Might sound cheesy, but again since you have a lot less things, you do not have to clean and tidy up that often. You do not have to clean up every candle, statue or anything like that. 

You will get more time

You will get more time for other things that shopping. Because you do not have to spend hours and hours scrolling up the pages with sales. No more shopping in shopping malls for hours. You will find time for yourself and for your loved ones, because you will not be busy with unimportant things. Also start using that time wisely, educate yourself, do more sports and things you always wanted to do, but never had time for them.

You will be more productive

When we try to learn for exams or for school in general we might get disturb by things, by mess around us. But with having less stuff you will be more concentrated and there will be nothing taking your attention away. 

You will have less trash / live eco-friendly

It’s not about getting rid of stuff, to buy a new stuff, but about buying a lot less things and think about things you want to buy. You will learn to decide what is important and what you really need. You will also have a lot less trash, because you stop buying unnecessary things. You produce less  waste too. 

You will be more happier and stress free

Because will get rid of things that does not make you happy and clutter not only your home but also you, you will be more happier and feel free. It is also calming and stress free when you walk in your home and there is no more mess, everything has its place.

You will reassess the values

Having less clutter and having more of things that makes you happy, you will realize what is it really that makes you happy. You find reassess your values and become more aware what is important for you. Things do not makes up necessary happy, but experience, people we love and spending time with them, having more time for ourselves and doing things we love to do. You will become more conscious and will think your values in order to lead a happy and satisfied life.