After some inspirational post and videos I saw, I decided to create my own so-called „Capsule Wardrobe“ 10x10.
Ten pieces in 10 days.

At first I was struggling with the choosing clothes. Ten pieces are too little somehow and I needed to choose carefully.
I went for:

  • 2 Pairs of Jeans

  • 1 Pair of shoes

  • 1 Sweater

  • 6 Tops


Even though I do not own many of basics, it was doable.


I saved a lot of time in the morning.
I got creative.
The wardrobe looks cleaner and you have more overview.
I learned how to be happier with a lot less.
I realised that it is possible to dress yourself also with couple of items.
Even only with little choice of clothing, you will not get tired of the combination.
Realising your style is also another thing I’ve learned.
More space in closet.


I couldn’t mix and match everything together, because I own a lot of clothes that I could not combine.
Sometimes I wanted to grab another pieces. (Disadvantage of too many clothes)
I definitely need more basics pieces, to create more outfits with not so many pieces.
You still need different clothes for every season.

It was definitely a worth a try. And now I know that for my future I want to downsize my wardrobe to minimum, declutter all the pieces I do not like and to not wear anymore. 

How does your wardrobe look like?