A lot of you guys, are introducing tips, what to get rid of before 2019.

And I cannot be missing out.

Take my tips as an inspirational ideas, and try to start a new year with lot less clutter in your life.

Paper Clutter
1. magazines
2. books (only the one you would read, library, donate)
3. cookbooks (recipes online), 
4. bills (go paperless)
5. old wrapping paper
6. old school books
7. business cards
8. flyers
9. paper works / receipts (digitalize)
10. Instruction sheet 


Digital Clutter
11. emails
12. subscriptions
13. films/dvd/cd/games (you can stream)
14. apps
15. Mp3-player music

Textile Clutter (one of the biggest wastes)
16. holiday costumes
17. old socks and underwear
18. clothes you do not fit anymore
19. uncomfortable shoes
20. worn-out shoes
21. damaged table cloths
22. worn-out towels and blankets
23. old formal clothing


24. old food in your pantry (use up, do not throw away)
25. Expired food
26. unhealthy food

Cosmetics (use everything up)
27. dry nail polishes and mascaras
28. products you do not use (donate)
29. expired make-up


30. old phones
31. old notebooks, cameras, tv’s and radios
32. cables, headphones

Life clutter
33. car use
34. commitments you do not enjoy

35. old dishes and cutlery
36. glasses
37. unused kitchen machines (juicer, rice-cooker, ice-maker…)
38. holiday season decorations 
39. Bowls and vases
40. old and used up Tupperware
41. chemical products
42. souvenirs
43. postcards
44. pen and pencils
45. toys
46. dead plants
47. cheap jewelry 
48. expired medication / pills / sirups…
49. alcohol
50. any other damaged home decorations 

These are just a few of things you should get rid go to have a clutterless life.

What are you getting rid of before 2019?