Over years we get use to habits for celebrating Christmas, which is more often linked with a lot of stress and this holiday become pretty stressful.

For me Christmas should be a peaceful time, that you can enjoy and spend with your family and your loved ones.

Here are of Christmas traditions you should rethink this year.


Buying expensive gifts

Christmas is not the only time to give presents to our loved ones. We should be caring all year long and not only on this day. If the reason why you buy expensive presents is that you feel bad about not being kind to you family than it is too late to make it better. What you can do is to be kinder and nicer and more caring next year. People do not need expensive gifts they need love. And sometimes they do not even need these things we buy. So ask first what are their wishes before you buy something unuseful. And it’s not always about the price.

Throwing a party, even though you do not want to

You do not necessary need to throw a party for 50. Do not stress your self about planning and preparing programs and meals. It will costs you a lot of money and a lot of nerves. If you rather spend holidays with you loved ones, enjoy simple and stress free evening with your nearest.

Overeating and over-drinking 

So what is going to be your main dish this Christmas? Turkey? Beef? Ham? Duck? Fish? Or everything? Then side dishes and all kind of desserts. Christmas is not about getting full tummy. Of course, sometimes we can not resist the delicious food, but take your time while eating, take a small portions. Enjoy your food !
And be smart about your drinking. One glass of wine here and there is ok, but be smart about our holiday drinking and leave your car keys at home.

Getting a tree

Christmas trees are said to be a must in most households. And the bigger the better.
If you want a real tree rethink it, because you will need to throw it away anyway. Which means more waste. If you want to decorate, try to think of something else. Maybe plants, that you have or just a simple Christmas decor, but do not exaggerate.

Christmas outfit

You see it everywhere, on our social networks or advertisements. Christmas outfits. It’s easy to think that you need a new outfit every Christmas. You cannot wear the dress someone saw you wear last year. Or you can? Oh yes, you can. You can simply change it with accessories. 

Christmas Decoration

Be strategic about how you decorate you home. Keep it simple and easy. You do not need tons of different table cloths, and candles and light. You do not need to light up neighborhood. And also your electric bill will thank you. Also you only need this decorations once a years, so do not buy new stuff, instead reuse it every year.

Santa’s alive

For all the parents and all the adults, please do not lie to your kids. Tell them straight away what the thing is. That there is no Santa bringing their presents. And tell them that the Santa at the mall is not real. 

What kid of habits are you decluttering this Christmas?