Holiday’s right around the corner and many of us are turning our thoughts to gifts. I do not want to burden my family and friends with clutter, which means we have to get creative in our gift giving. For some years now, I have not bought expensive gifts and present for my family, because I do not want to buy expensive things, that get forgotten some where in the corner and I personally thing that non-materials gifts are much more meaningful.

Here some of “clutter free” gifts ideas:

  • Food Items - Homemade treats are great. Who wouldn’t love dehydrated fruit in jar? Homemade jellies, jams, breads, candies or cookies. There is a huge choice.

  • Gift Cards - Fo some it might be a little impersonal, but it is a great way to support local sales. And the person can actually choose what he/she will.

  • Events - Tickets to a play, concert or a football match. Yearly membership to a museum or a science center.

  • Personal Vouchers - Maybe you have friends that have children or dogs and they are not able to get out for a dinner without them. Offer them a babysitting or a dogsitting, so they can have a free pass.

  • Date Ideas - Spend some quality time with your friend or a family member and offer them doing activity that you both enjoy.

  • Be creative - You can knit socks or a scarf. Sew a reusable cotton bag or make a personalized towels with initials.

  • Offer services - Cleaning house or ironing service, repairing their old bike or helping in the garden. Offer to help them with something.

  • Practical gifts - Just simple replace the product or item they are running out of.

  • Gift of their goals - Online courses, helpful books or a coaching sessions, gym membership.. etc

  • Spa or Self-care day - Give that person time to spend just on their own to calm down and relax.

Try not to buy expensive gifts, but instead offer the person an experience. Give that person a moment in life that he/she will remember forever. I am sure the will appreciate that more than material things.

So what is the best “non-tangible” gift you have ever been given to?