If you are interested in ZW living, and you are still at the beginning of your journey, you might probably have seen some women having their year’s trash in a glass of jar. Maybe you find it interesting and take them as your role model OR you think it’s impossible to produce as less trash as they and you immediately give up on ZW lifestyle.

But let me tell you it is NOT an accurate depiction of a year’s waste!
Let me share 5 things with you no-one tells you about zero waste living or at least not at the beginning.

There is no such thing „Zero Waste“

And that’s why I like to use the term low waste or low impact. 
Of course I don’t want to crush your dreams on sustainable living, but you have to remember that there is no place for perfectionism in sustainable living. 

Sometimes you will need to create waste, it’s just a part of life. Maybe your kids will need bandaids, your job will need some paper work done, credit cards are made plastic, so as you see there are some things in life that will always create waste. It will only stress you if you’d try to be 100% zero waste.

There Is a Lot Of „Behind the scene “ waste.

Not everything is we think it seems. While you for ex. Order salad in a restaurant without plastic utensils , someone in the kitchen creates waste to make your food. The same with bulk shop. Of course it’s good for us to buy without packaging, but the products has to be deliver somehow packed. Sustainability is might be a big mission, BUT there is always a way to create less waste and try to be more eco-friendly. Every little bit helps save our planet, so you should not give up trying. 

The Guilt

I was expecting the guilt I would feel over creating trash when I first started. Someone I would not buy my favorite fruits and veggies, because they were wrapped in plastic. But there is no perfection in sustainable living and this is not what sustainable living is about. But even though you should feel good about the things you do for our planet and know that you did something amazing. Do not take it too seriously, instead remember that all the good you are doing will never be outweighed. 

Some People Might Find You Annoying

This was also though for me. When I started my zero waste journey I was ashamed at the beginning to bring my own reusable bags to a shop or bring my stainless steel travel mug to a local shop, because I was afraid of weird looks or rejection. Now even more places became accepting a lot of things, there will still be someone thinking it is not worth the effort. Just give them a biggest smile and tell them that every bit helps.

It Is Hard To Live With People Who Are Not On Board With „ZW“

Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother, even if people I live with do not really share my values. My boyfriend is a love of my life, but, there are times I struggle when he creates a waste gr I strangle him with plastic bag he take for couple things, he can take in hands. Or buying unnecessary stuff. It annoys me, on the other side I know that what I do is a good thing and low waste household is better that a lots-of waste household. We do recycle and when we go shopping I try to make more sustainable purchases. 

Now , you tell me about your Zero Waste stories or other methods of sustainable living.