By now, everyone knows that plastic is very harmful to the environment.There are many plastic things that you should definitely avoid ex. Plastic straws, plastic bags etc.. A plastic-free life is good for nature, but it's also good for ourselves, but it’s not always that easy.

Let those amazing benefits of a life without plastic convince you.

1. Health benefits

If we avoid buying our food, packed in plastic, we can easily do without toxins in the food.  Substances that are contained in some plastics harm not only the environment, but also us humans and our health. These plastics are suspected to lead to cancer or behavioral disorders. Plasticizers are mainly absorbed through food. For example, by heating microwave dishes or beverage and food cans, which are coated with epoxy resin inside. Or through plastic bottles, because the BPA can dissolve in the water and we therefore drink it. So avoid plastic water bottles and have your own reusable one always by the hand.

Also, other plasticizers, so-called phthalates, are often in plastic, e.g. PVC, included. They can cause cancerous tumors.

No plastic means a life without toxins in our food and a healthy environment for us.

2. Financial benefits

We often do not realize that food at the supermarket (which are usually packed in plastic) are much more expensive than to do it yourself. A single cereal bar costs for example. As much as a whole tin of home-made bars, which are much more tastier and healthier.

Especially when cleaning or cosmetics you save a lot of money, if you just do things yourself. You can do almost everything, with simple ingredients and all without toxins and you know what is in it. 

Ex. laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, Cosmetics and shampoo, Deodorant or a toothpaste. 

3. Better quality of life

Everything was better before! A very popular saying of our grandparents. And I sometimes think they are right. Much has simply lasted longer and was easy to repair because it was not made of cheap plastic, but, e.g. made of wood, metal or clay.

Who buys a plastic table, usually does not think of longevity and quality of life. But with many products, you get what you pay for. And as already mentioned, the table is made of wood, although initially more expensive, but since it lasts much longer, you save in the long run again. So invest in things that are maybe a bit expensive, but of a better quality, that will last much much longer. 


4. A good conscience

If you surround yourself with things that you buy or own out of a good conscience, you are happier. It's easy to make an exception again and again, but to buy the cereal bar in plastic, the light plastic bottle, instead of carrying the heavy bottles up, or just the triple-wrapped salad. But it makes a difference if you do not.

It feels good not to have produced garbage. Everyone thinks that avoiding plastic is a good thing. To really do it gives us a good conscience. Every bag counts and you inspire more people than you think!

Benefit from these and many other benefits and make your life from now on plastic-free. Of course it’s not easy and sometimes we have to really struggle with some things, because we live in different countries and different places and we do not have access to all plastic-free items. But every little step counts and make and effort. 

So try there, where you can the best. And be happy with every small victory.

How do you avoid plastics? In which areas? And how does it benefits you in life?