For those, who are new to this subject, „zero waste“ is the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle your way towards sending as little trash to landfill as possible.

It is hard to get 100% zero waste, which is obvious, but there are still small steps everyone can take to use less and reduce their waste on the daily basis.

Tips I’ll mention, is just a drop in the ocean and you can find other great inspirational tips and tricks online.

Here are just a few easy examples for each of you, of how to reduce your way on a daily basis.

1) Replace plastic straws with other alternatives

Plastic straws take over 1000 years to decompose, so using fewer or totally stop using plastic straws is a great way to start reducing waste. There are many alternatives to plastic for ex. Bamboo, stainless steel or glass straws. 


2) Take reusable bags to the store

This one is obvious again, but you’ll be glad to have one with you while picking up last-minutes groceries. I am sure each of us has cotton bags or tote bags already at home, so you don’t even need to invest in new ones. 

3) Choose longer lasting LED bulb

LED lightbulbs last longer than incandescent lightbulbs, so you don't have to change them that much and you will also throw away fewer away. They’re also use 80% less power and are more durable, giving you the same amount of the light. 

4) Rethink your approach to „disposable“ fashion

Always think first and ask yourself if you really need that piece of clothing before you buy it. If you know, that you will not wear it in 3 or 6 months, than it’s probably not worth a buy. Instead build a wardrobe you’ll be satisfied with and donate or sell old clothing instead of placing it in.a trash.

5) Keep letters and envelopes for scrap paper or notes

First dispose any confidential or sensitive information and then cut up junk mail, letters and envelopes to use the back as a scrap paper for notes, lists, bookmarks etc. 

6) Buy secondhand before buying new

Just before you buy new items like furniture, household items or other things, check some websites or thrift stores. Many times you’ll find new pieces, that people didn’t want anymore but also very unique items. And you’ll reduce your waste too. 

7) Start to make more DIY


You can do it. Instead of buying cosmetics or cleaning products you can make your at home. From simple ingredients. Not only you will send much less trash from packaging to landfill, it will also save you money. Check my recipe for ex. For a homemade deodorant, dry shampoo or laundry detergent.

8) Compost vegetable waste

Food comprises about 40% of household waste. So try to compost as much as possobile. If you do not have a backyard or garden or you live in a apartment (as I do) put your organic leftover to a freezer and when you have enough, you then can bring it to you local compost pile. 

9) Invest in cloth napkins and handkerchiefs

Older generation didn’t constantly reach for tissue or paper napkins. They might be great for convenience but you can aim to send fewer in landfill by using cloth ones and washing them with you laundry.

10) Be more mindful of what you buy

Just before you purchase something ask yourself if you really need that item. Will you use it often? Will it bring enjoyment and fulfillment ? What works for me is to make a wishlist of items / things I would like to buy. I review the list and either remove items I no longer want or hold on to it for a another week. 

What are your favorite tips to reduce household waste? Share your hacks in comments below :)