Making changes to your lifestyle to reduce waste, does not always have to be hard.

You can start with small and easy changes and implement it for a few weeks. Once it become a second nature, you can start with another one. Every moment you make a choice to reduce waste , will make a different for the future of our earth.

Here are some easy ways you can not only reduce waste in your home but also save some money too.

1. Sign up for a library

I know that this might maybe sound obvious, but I love books and if I wanted to read something, I would buy it. But sometimes I did not have the time to read it and it cost me some money, plus also added clutter in my room. If you are also a book love, get a book from a local library, read it and bring it back. If you want a copy go for e-books or visit a second hand store, where you can also find a lot of books. Or ask your friends and family and lend books from them.

2. Buy bamboo toothbrushes

Why do we still use plastic toothbrushes that go straight to landfill, when we have other options? Bamboo toothbrushes are super alternative to plastic ones. They are affordable and biodegradable. Make super you use up all the plastic ones that you already have before you order new ones. 

3. Buy fresh food from market without plastic

To reduce plastic waste on food, we all should be already doing this. If you have a chance to go to farmer’s market than you should do too. Local supermarkets are wrapping every little thing in plastic, which in my opinion, huge waste, and in more cases it does not even need a plastic packaging . Go to a farmer market, where you can buy loose fruits and veggies, local & seasonal and you will also support farmers. Eat more of fresh food and less of packaged foods.

4. Bring your own bags to the store

This is also something everyone should be already doing. I am sure each of has a cotton bags already and if you don't , you can make your own one from old scarves or clothes in oversize you want. You do not necessary need to buy a new one. 

5. Get a new wardrobe for free

Yes, it’s possible and you don’t need to even spend anything. Organize a clothes swap with you friends. Make a come evening, invite your friends over to you house and ask them if they have clothing that they do not wear or want anymore to bring it. And then simply swap. Not only you’ll have a lot of fun, you will for sure get new pieces for your wardrobe and you bank account will be happy. 

6. Buy second hand as much as possible

At first is better for the environment, secondly it will save you a lot of money. I got a lot of things from secondhand and the choice is big. From books to clothes to electronics etc. And the quality is not even bad. Sometimes you even find brand new pieces people bought, just because they maybe didn’t wanted or it was a wrong purchase for them. 

7. Plant your own little herb garden

I started my own one this year too and I am so excited what is going to come out. I am a total beginner so I also had to read a little bit and since we do not really have a garden just a huge balcony a need to take more care. If you decide to start your own one, make sure you keep it alive. They like lots of sun and water too.


8. Avoid food waste

Wasting food is a common problem in almost every household . We throw away so much much food, that goes to landfill, that is horrific. To reduce your food waste, try to shop less, make meal planning, write a list and stick to that list while shopping food. Also before you purchase something, check your pantry first, if it’s something you really need. Buy smaller packings and portions. If you see that you still have leftovers, buy even less and try to cook from scratch . If you have organic waste, start to compost.

For more inspiration, there are amazing role models online, where you can follow their journey of reducing waste and get even more inspired in you everyday life.

If you have any other smart tips how to reduce waste at home without a lot of effort, make sure you leave a comment below :))