If you ever tried to break an old habit or make a huge change, than you probably realized that it’s not easy. Transitioning to a less wasteful lifestyle is no different. So get ready for these exact feelings. :)

Fortunately, there are so many resources to help you when learning how to go low waste. On the internet you will find simple products, DIY’s recipes or sustainable brands that offer a lot of alternatives or open up Instagram or Pinterest for even more inspirations.

The reality is, learning how to low waste takes some time and a willpower and you will go through a lot of ups and downs. 

Often, the product swaps just do not work for each of us. Some alternatives are also completely out of our financial reach. Also some of us depending where we live, we do not have access to bulks or other low waste stores. 

It’s easy to self-destruct, when we feel the pressure to be perfect. Like when we forget our reusable bag or get dumb comments from our family how difficult we are becoming.

If you struggle how to stay motivated, even though it’s not and won’t be easy I have some tips to keep you on track. At least a little bit :)



Ask yourself „what is your why“. Why did you decide to learn how to go zero waste in the first place? Who inspired you? What inspired you? Was it to cut down the toxic plastics? To save the oceans or just to live more simply? 

How does it feel when you think about your low impact?
Remind yourself of your WHY every single day. Write it on mirror, on refrigerator, write you small victories in your journal / organizer . It will help you to go through many struggles to come, when you know you are working toward your goals.


Maybe your family is not supportive, your friends laugh at you or think you are a weirdo and annoying. Feeling isolated is probably one of the biggest issues that many zero-wasters go through. Luckily , there are many online opportunities to meet new people. It’s also great resource for asking questions and learning new thing to build up in your everyday life.

For ex. Facebook Groups - There are so many groups from local to worldwide . Start searching and join some. Or start your own one :)
Volunteering . You can join a community or organization near you, if they're hosting a clean-up or any other project for a good reason. This is a great way to get out and do something positive, which will make you feel better. It’s a good opportunity to meet people with same interests and priorities. 
Search for Inspiration -I know that this sometimes might be tricky, because picture perfect zero waste Pinterest boards and instagram profiles might leave us feeling like losers. But there are also others doing the best they can with no edits and no filters. They have so much knowledge to offer and keep it real. 


Stop judging yourself, it’s self-destruction and keeps you unmotivated. Going low waste will have many downs, it’s challenging and there will be a lot of failures. We all make mistakes and are not perfect. So stop judging and forgive yourself. And this goes for judging others too. Also get ready for a judgement from the others. There are people who will judge you no matter what you are doing or not doing. We all have different lifestyles, live in different places and have different backgrounds . We are not the same, we are not perfect and that is ok. 

There is no such thing as zero, because we live in linear economy, and until that changes, no one can ever be zero waste. But we can try and do as much as we can and it’s possible for us. See the positive side and be satisfied with every small victory. Do your best there where you can. And concentrate yourself to reduce the waste there, where you can ; do not start there where you have difficulties with. It also should be fun.  


How do you stay motivated? Let me know in the comments below.