While transitioning to more-eco-friendly lifestyle, you might not find that everyone you live with is so enthusiastic. And I’ve certainly faced this problem in our household too.

It can be quite frustrating , if you want to reduce your waste and improve your sustainability, when the rest of roommates isn’t following.

It could be lack of information or education or no interest.  I think that conversation is the key to be able to grow together towards this lifestyle. 

Discussing the environment , sustainability and ethical purchasing could help to make some changes in your household. 

1.Get more educated about „Eco-Living“

You have probably already spent hours and hours reading books and articles, watched documentaries and movies to educate yourself about the climate changing and sustainability. And this knowledge is motivating and inspiring you to change how things should be done in your household. 

But not everyone like changes. Why should your family bother learn to compost, buy in bulk, recycle? If the people you live with communicate with them. Educate them, but make it fun. Watch an eco-movie together, go for a walk and discuss current topics like plastic waste. 

2.Get everyone involved

Now that your roommates know a bit more about the ways to save the environment, it’s time for a step 2. Get everyone involved in some changes. Discuss the ideas how to cut back the waste. Set some common goals in your household. Talk about the biggest problem areas and consider working on them. Examples for that could be: reducing the food-waste, stop using single-use plastic or at least reducing, and lower the consumption by not bringing unnecessary stuff to you home and don’t buy stuff you don’t need. 

3.Get Creative

Every one in the household can take a responsibility in home based on their interest. So for ex. If someone likes crafts and DIY’s , they can sew their own reusable bags to refuse plastic bags at the supermarkets. If someone likes being outside, they can create a compost station or pick up and collect some herbs / plants to make a homemade tea for example. Try to work on some eco-friendly activities and make eco-friendly living as easy as possible.


It’s important not to expect perfection. I truly believe that human beings do their best, but sometimes we stuff up. And that ok. I have noticed, that there can be a lot of pressure in a zero-waste lifestyle, because we want to get it right 100%. But if you put that pressure on us and on our loved ones it will only become stressful.

We are all in this together and if every one of us only helps with a little bit, it will have a huge effect too. 

What about you? How do you involve your family or roommates to be more eco-friendly? If you have other tips and ideas, let me know in comment section below.