Everyone who begins to question their consumption, realize that is not easy to live up to all the demands for sustainable lifestyle. Even though we try our best, and one do it better than the other, it is perfectly okay not to be perfect. Because, we all are only humans.

  1. Set realistic goals instead of absolutism

    Maybe you have also tried to live completely vegan pr stopped producing waste all. But after a short time you got frustrated, because you realized that it’s not working that way. We can not change the world from one day to another. Of course, it would be good for the environment, if we all stop eating meat, never drive a car or fly. But no-one is able to turn their life around completely from now on. Small steps are much more easier to implement.
    For ex. - Eat fewer animal products, less waste instead of zero waste, make your homemade products, conscious consumption, use bike or walk instead of your car from time to time.

  2. Nobody can save the world on their own

    We are currently receiving new from all over the world, any many of them are anything but rosy. That’s why we should focus on our everyday life and the areas of life in which we can make a direct impact.
    For ex. - organize a litter up campaign in your neighborhood , share everyday items with your neighbors to use less resources,

  3. Remember your successes and enjoy them

    It is amazing, how many disposable cups you can save while using your reusable cup. Or reducing your waste by using all the leftovers further. Note all your small and big life changes in your planner. If you get that feeling that „ everything you do is useless“, look at your changes in your life and be aware of what you have already done for the planet and why it is worth continuing .

  4. Save the world with the same goals and visions you have

    Some of us do not find that big understanding of „eco-craze“ in their family or in the circle of their friends. That can by quite frustrating. Fortunately, we use social devices , and it became much more easier to communicate and connect with people who share same interests and values. So join the local group or club or make a research on the internet.
    In more and more cities, there are clean-ups campaigns, where you are welcome too. Almost in every city you will find unpacked shops, where you can also sign for workshops or help other to open a new one.

What helps you when „sustainability frustration“ grabs you?