Zero waste lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and a lot more people are interesting in this kind of way of living. So I wanted to talk about a few common myths.


You will produce no trash and you will live plastic free : MYTH

Zero waste goal is to set no trash to landfill. It’s a goal not a reality. It’s impossible to produce no trash. It about trying to live a better life and reduce as much as possible. We are going to fail from time to time, but that is ok, because we are just humans and not perfect. And I am far away from perfect. But it is not about perfection. The willpower counts. Every single step counts. Every action has an impact on our planet, we just need to be aware of  what we do and how we eliminate and reduce our waste. 

You have to store the trash in a mason jar : MYTH

Of course NOT. I do not know where does this come from. But what I will recommend is to go through your trash and look what kind of trash you’re creating. By looking at what you have it will be easier for you to figure out what you need to eliminate. It will bring you more awareness and and to make you think how to reduce your waste. I started I realized that my trash is more likely to be organic so I started composting. 

It costs a lot of money : MYTH

This is probably a common untrue. A lot of people think that if they want to try to live a zero waste lifestyle they need to buy things and spend money on equipment. But actually you will save a lot. 

Zero waste lifestyle promotes secondhand shopping, Furniture, clothes, kitchen essentials, toys, books. That and much more is what send hand market offers you. ZW is also focused on repairing things instead of purchasing new stuff. Also you will save packagings, and be much more efficient and buy only things you really need. 


It takes a lot of time : MYTH

False. It will only save you time. Me, I go less to stores, I have less to clean because I’ve downsized my belongings and I have less to maintain and repair. I cook every evening, but it takes me only 30-40 mins. I make my own cleaning products and beauty products in approx. 1 hour, depends on what kind of products and how much I do. But I do not do it every day. And since I am kind of lazy persons I only make simple and easy recipes, with few ingredients, which last a long time though. 

You will eat less : MYTH

Of course you’re eating habit might change. But there is not necessary a bad think, because you will be more conscious about the food you buy. I probably say that you will get even healthier. You will eat more fresh veggies and fruits, which you’ll buy at the farmers markets package free. You will go fo a fresh options and yes you will be eating less processed food, because processed food is in general packed in plastics. Also you will eat lot less meat and diary and more plant based diet, which are better for the environment and for your health.You will get more creative and come up with whole new recipes, and tastes and make your homemade food instead of buying. Try to bake a bread or a cake, make your own plant based milk or a peanut butter. A lot of recipes requires only few ingredients. You will see your meal in a different perspective, you will appreciate it much more too. 

Is there something that is holding you back from zero waste lifestyle?