Not to fail zero waste intentions, we need to form habits. And the best way how to do it is to focus on them intentionally. One by one.


In this post I am sharing my zero-waste habits to help you live more sustainably plus, you will also save some money. 


1. Take a cloth bags to the store
2. Buy grains, beans, pasta in the bulk, use your own containers 
3. Buy fresh local and seasonal products straight from farm or from farmer’s market
4. Buy larger packages to avoid more trash


5. Use linen napkins instead of paper napkins
6. Bake your own bread at home, save money and control the ingredients
7. Store your leftovers in mason jars
8. Bake cookies, cakes or muffins at home, from scratch and store them in reusable tin
9. Make your own ice-cream from real food and plant-based milk, it’s healthier and you eliminate packaging
10. Freeze food to avoid food waste
11. Make ketchup, mustard or sauces at home, from scratch and store them in glass jars or bottles, instead of buying them in plastic bottles.
12. Buy loose leaf tea in bulk, instead of getting tea bags.

Personal care

13. Make your own deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer or body butter and store in glass jars to avoid plastic containers at the store.
14. Buy wooden toothbrushes instead of plastic ones
15. Use cotton handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues.
16. Buy wooden or bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic one.
17. Use safety razor instead of single-use one.


18. Switch to e-bills, you will often save in fees
19. Use your worn out clothing to make dusting rags and cleaning cloths instead of paper towels
20. Make your own laundry detergent or washing powder to avoid packaging trash


21. Buy secondhand
22. Buy less
23. Upcycle, recycle or swap


24. Take your lunch and snacks with you and pack in glass jars or bento boxes.
25. Use cotton or linen table cloth on the table instead of paper or plastic one. 
26. Use refillable water bottle instead of plastic one.


27. Read newspaper and magazines online and skip buying the print version.
28. Use reusable paper gift bag or reuse wrapped paper from your given gifts.
29. Do not buy material things as gifts, give people experience or time.
30. Avoid flying, choose train, buses or cars instead. 

Now is YOUR TURN.. What habits do you have to try living more greener, save money and waste?