There is an assumption, that, when you start zero-waste lifestyle  you need to buy bunch of „starter items“ to be successful with it.

But it’s only halfway true. Of course you need a few things to get started, but you do not need to spend much money to be successful .

I am living on a super tight budget and I manage to make it work. I’ve just learned to be more conscious with the money and where it goes. 
I know about environmental issues and minimalism also helped me to simplify my needs.

Here are some tips for going „Zero-Waste„ on a budget.


Use up you plastic bags before you recycle them
Yes, you can use them over and over again with  just a little care.
Use these bags as you shopping bags to hold the food you buy until they get broken or use them as a trash bin.

Use glass jars
Glass jars are essential to live a zero waste lifestyle and I have plenty of them in different sizes. I use them to hold everything, for ex. Storing veggies, nuts, grains, leftovers or even for my homemade beauty products.
They are perfectly reusable and you can wash them very easily.
I mostly got my from olives or pickles. If you do not have any or not enough try to check out thrift shops.

Make a food plan
I know, that for some it might sound like it would take ages to prepare meal for one week or two, but when you get your routine, it will be much more simpler and you will get quicker. You just need to plan and a little bit organized. Make a check lists of meals and snacks you will eat the next week. If you want you can also prepare some recipes, it will simplify your purchases. And you will less like to leave the store with a bunch of junk food, that you did not mean to spend money on.

Simplify your meals
If you are low on cash, of course you can not afford delicious vegan food with all the topping or going out for dinner in a chic restaurant. There is definitely nothing bad about treating yourself eating great food. But if you do not have that much money you need to simplify your meals.
Choose meals that have a lot of nutrition, but take only a few ingredients . Keeping your meals simple, avoid you buy as much each week. And it will lower your stress not to think about what to eat for dinner.

Make your own produce/bulk bags
If you do not have extra money to spend on cloth bags, use whatever old fabric you have to make simple cloth bags. As an alternative you will surely find some pillow cases also at the thrift store.

Simplify the non-food products you use too
We easily come reliant on specific products. Think of what you really need and decide what products you can make at home for a lot less money.
I completely cut out brand-name face wash, moisturizer , body wash, body butter and so much more. I make my own zero-waste versions at home, but I also can go without some products too. This saves a lot of money and packaging trash.

Try to buy second-hand before buying new
Let’s be honest. You can find what you need except for a few things , in your own cabinet and drawers or thrift shops. 

Walk or buy to your destinations when possible
Depending on where you live this might be an option or not. So if you have a chance try to walk or bike to save money and reduce your emissions.

Grow indoor herbs
It is even easier than you might think to grow your own herbs on your windowsill. Your meals will taste better and you will save the plastic that herbs from grocery store tend to come in. And what is even better, is that you can grow many of the herbs out of food you’ve already bought.

When you do buy something new, spend the money on high-quality items that will last
Do not buy cheap products. If you do not have the money, try to save some and invest in high-high-quality items that will last longer and you won’t have to replace them over and over again. 


What are your favorite tips for going zero-waste on budget? What has worked and what not?