Once we start experiencing the connection with our stuff and our consumption, we start to ask ourselves a lot of question like.. How do I consume so much? Why do I buy so much? Why do I spend so much money?

1.Why is it important to declutter

We should start to look at things we own, we buy as resources. All of our stuff is created from different resources. It takes a lot of energy to produce and distribute. All our items have a long history before they some into our possession .So if you still have things that is in a good condition pass it to someone else.

2. Saving new resources

So when you pass or donate things to someone you are actually saving new resources. And this is directly related to zero waste lifestyle. If you haven’t use things in a year, you should probably donate them. Also things you use once a year, you can still borrow from someone. (for gardening or camping)

3. Gaining more time and money

The less you own, the less time you have to focus on these tasks. And you can focus on other important things. You are also saving money, because you automatically buy less.

4.It's mental refresh

So having a clear space is mentally refreshing. You have breathing rooms, breathing home. It all becomes more peaceful and you gain more place and space for the things you truly care about.
Having a clear space gives you more creativity and allows you to do your daily task with ease. 


5. Sell

If you own items in a good condition, you can sell them. This is great if you have furniture, electronics or kitchen wares.

6.Give to Friends

One of my favorite way how to share the love, is giving to friends. You do not need to force an item to a friend or family member but you can ask if they need it. Maybe there is item that you own, that your friend like, so why not give it to him/her if you do not want it anymore. You will do a good thing and feel great about it and the person will be also happy.

I hope you find some inspiration for decluttering zero waste way, when you next time decide to clean out your home.