f you look into your trash you will find, that packaging make up a large portion of you garbages.
I am always asking myself why does so many products need to be packaged. Cucumbers wrapped in plastic? Really?
To reduce your environmental footprint, I have some alternatives to traditional grocery stores.

Zero Waste Groceries:
Farmers Markets

Absolutely favorite and the best place for groceries is the farmer's market. It may not be huge one in your area, but it sure will have all the produce you need for your meal. The selection is always fresh and seasonal. You can also support farmers market and you local farmers.

Buy Bulk

Even though you can find most of your food at the supermarket, there still might be something that you need for your pantry like grains, pasta, oils or cereals. There are couple of stores In my areas, where I can get all the basics I need, from food to cosmetics to cleaning products etc.
- Find bulk bin location in your area:



Specialty Shops

Do you buy bread, meat or cheese on the regular? Then seek out for a local butcher, specialty cheese shop or bakery that can meet your needs. BUT if you really want to be e-friendly, skip meat and all the animal products entirely.

If you live in more remote location and you do not have an access to buy in bulk, here some tips how you can reduce your food packaging waste:

Make it yourself

If you can not find products like peanut butter, pesto or broth package-free, try making it at home.

Returnable option

Keep an eye out, if there are some producers, which are offering for ex. Bottle return programs for reuse.

Recyclable packaging

If you can not avoid packaging, pick products packaged in glass, that you can reuse again, over plastic.

Buy in larger amounts

At last resort, try to buy large pack to reduce the packaging you throw away. If you worry about spoiling, freeze extras or pack in airtight containers. 

Any extra tips or ideas how to grocery shopping without packaging?