If you choose to go “zero waste”, you have to aware of the fact that you know, why you are doing it. It needs a little bit of willpower and consciousness. You have to give up some things, but you will also gain things, which are even more important to live more sustainably. Zero waste is just a term, that we are used to. But just to make clear, it is impossible to produce zero or no waste. We go to work, where not everyone is trying to lower the waste, we need to purchase some things etc.As I already said a willpower is needed to avoid not recyclable items, stop buying things that produce biggest trash, refuse and reduce products and things we do not need etc.. And this change won’t happen overnight. It all needs time.

Here I my benefits I gained, after starting my “zero waste journey“.

Less Trash

Probably the best benefits of going zero waste, is the fact that you produce less trash. That means that you send less trash to landfill. The problem with the plastic is that it takes millions and millions years to break down. So basically every plastic we send to landfill stays here forever. 


You discover the joy of cooking, by making your own meal. A lot of stuff you can try making yourself, that you can get unpackaged. Bread, salads, plant based milk, nut butter any much more you can make on your own. And it also makes like cooking, and the joy and satisfaction that you get by creating something yourself is nothing better. It saves you a lot of money and again you produce a lot less trash by cooking at home instead of getting taking-aways or eating out. If you like Indian or Japanese food you can get you a cookbook and try the recipes yourself.


You will become more healthier even though you’re maybe already vegan. The zero waste lifestyle forces you to buy whole foods and unpacked. And most of the unpackaged food almost everyone can get is fruit and vegetables. 🌶 🍅 🥒 And feeling healthful gives you that positive energy and the excitement to continue what you're doing. The good thing is also that you will support local farmers and try to buy locally and seasonally.

Not only food but also cosmetic products produce a lot of trash. By going zero waste you’ll avoid putting nasty commercials cosmetics products on your body. So you can either make cosmetic products yourself (with just simple ingredients) or you purchase at a store. Nowadays, there’s huge choice of products that are unpacked, plant-based, cruelty-free. You’re skin will get healthier too.

More Space

After staring going zero waste you'll have more time, in your flat, in your house but also in your mind. Your spending habits will change rapidly and that makes you produce less trash, which means that you have less things cluttering up your home. You will buy less and use and reuse things, that you already have. Having more space makes you also a lot more productive and you'll be a lot more useful with the space that you have. 


What are your benefits ? What do you expect? What have you learned so far? Let me know, and share your experience.