The 2nd part of the guide how to lower your impact on planet and live more sustainably.


Planning - I know that planning requires a lot of time, but it is really important to do so, when you want to live more eco friendly. You will get use to it and develop you own routine.
Pasta - Pasta lovers get mostly theirs in supermarkets, which is packed in plastic . More eco friendlier is cardboard-packing. To avoid that much plastic make your own pasta or buy in bulk.
Plastic types - PS(polystyrene) - foam hot drinks, plastic cutlery and containers
PP(polypropylene) - lunchboxes, takeaway food containers
LDPE(low-density-polyethylene) - dust bins and bags
PVC(polyvinyl chloride) - food trays, juice or squeeze bottles
HDPE(high-density-polyethylene) - shampoo containers or milk bottles
PET(polyethylene terephthalate) - fruit juice and soft drink bottles


Recycling - True about recycling is that only about 6% of new plastic material comes from recycling. More recycling causes more costs. And only 3 of 6 main plastic types are recycled (PET, HDPE, PVC).


Shampoo / Soap / Shower Gel - Give up everything that comes packed in plastic. Buy in bulk or non-plastic materials or make your own one. It is even easier than you think and you can save a lot of money. Also you know what is inside and you can adjust ingredients to your preferences. Shower Gel is actually whack, because regular soap can do you just fine.
Straws - Avoid all plastic straws, as alternative use stainless steel, bamboo or glass straws. Most drinks do not need straws anyways.
Snacks - If you like to snack on the go or at your work, prepare your snacks at home and have a few things in a Tupperware or a little food container. Avoid plastic packed snacks



Teabags - I am a tea lover and, when I found that even in teabags plastic might be hidden I was shocked. Now I do want to run out of my tea collection and buy just loose leaf tea.
Toothpaste / Toothbrush - As an alternative for toothpaste you can use dent tabs or make your own homemade toothpaste (my recipe). To avoid plastic toothbrushes go for wooden or bamboo alternative .
Toilet paper - Look for toilet paper wrapped in paper, buy recycled toilet paper instead of bleached one.


Utensils - Bring your own containers, cutlery, bottles, bags and all the untenstil you need to school / work.


Vinegar - Fantastic and cheap cleaning product. All purpose cleaner made of vinegar, baking soda and some essential oils is great natural product and versatile.


Water - Water has become scarce resource and if you did not know we have already used up all the resources of the planet for this year. So use the water wisely. Turn the water off when not in use. Take a quick shower.
Wrapping - Choose eco-friendly wrapping. If you can reuse all your old wrapping paper and if you do not necessary need to wrap then don’t.


Yogurt - Buy the one in jars, that you can reuse again.


Zero Waste - Zero waste does not happen overnight.Take small steps, that would have bigger effect. We are not perfect and it all takes time. Try to lower your waste as much as possible but do not put yourself under stress.

If you have any other tips to complete my list let me know. :)