My guide on „how to live a low waste life“.

No one is perfect, but try to keep these tips in mind to produce less waste and to have a low impact.


Airplanes - Do not get me started on waste of airline industry in general. Try to avoid flying and look for another alternatives. If you want to go on holiday take a train or any other option with a lower impact on the planet. If you can not give up flying, fly as less as you can and try to avoid any other waste during the flying. (Bring your own coffee cup, bottle, food…etc)


Bulk - Shopping in bulk is amazing. I know, that not all of us have the chance to buy in bulk, but if you do, do not take bulk shops for granted. It allows you to bring your own containers and choose only what you really need. And you save packaging.
Bread - Buy fresh bread directly from baker or try to make homemade one.
Baking Soda - versatile ingredients, which you can use to make your cleaning and cosmetics products. 


Cleaning - Vinegar and baking soda make perfect combination for effective cleaning product. You can add essential oil if you do not like the vinegar smell. 
Clothes - Ditch fast fashion industry. It comes to high cost of the environment. Try to shop second-hand, avoid synthetic fibres, upcycle….
Containers - Bring your own containers when you go shopping, but also when you go out to eat.


Deodorant - Avoid chemical commercial products and go with a natural alternative. Try to make your own one. (my deo recipe)



Eating out - When you go out to eat, bring your own stuff, avoid plastic straws, cups and cutlery. If you have leftovers, ask the server to pack it in your own container.


Frozen Food - Avoid buying frozen food that use plastic in some way. If you want to freeze your food, buy fresh and freeze it at home.


Grocery - Again bring your own bag, cloth for loose fruits and veggies, containers. Avoid plastic bags.


Handkerchiefs - Paper tissues produce a lot of waste. You can make tons of handkerchiefs out of old clothes.
Hairbrushes / Haircombs - Choose wooden/bamboo kinds.


Ice-Cream - This falls unfortunately under frozen foods. BUT you can make an ice-cream on your own. Mix frozen bananas with your favorite fruits add whatever you like (sweeteners, milk…) and blend until smooth.


Jars - Glass jars are perfect for storing food and make your low waste pantry. 


Keep cups - Enjoy your warm or cold drink in a glass keep up or made out of stainless steel .


Laundry - Buy natural products and in bulk if you can. You can also make your own washing powder and your own laundry detergent. (my recipe)


Meat - GO VEGAN!!!
Milk - Look for milk in refillable glass bottles. Go for plant-based alternative. Or make your own one. I love to drink soy milk and I also made it couple of times. (my recipe)
Make up remover - Use wash cloth or reusable make up remover. Avoid cotton kinds.
Markets - Farmer market should be supported more. They sell seasonal and local food, which is either unpacked or paper-packed.
Medicine - Medicine comes in plastic. So it’d hard to avoid the packings. But if you do not necessary need to go to doctor, be your own doctor. Sometimes homemade medicine is the better and cheapest option.


Nappies - Go for cloth nappies or those which are compostable.


Oils - Natural alternative for moisturizing skin and for use in your homemade products. There is a huge choice of oils; jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil…. Be sure you buy 100% organic, 100% raw and cold-pressed one.

.. to be continued ..