Bathroom is the smallest room in our home, and that's why we shouldn't keep it cluttered.
Bathrooms are often places that have a big trash potential. Cotton buds, tissues, shampoo bottles, 

Here are some tips how to get started reducing your waste in your bathroom.


Get rid of bathroom general waste

Looks for a durable alternative for a specific item. I am sure that there is always one. Or if you have a lot of stuff sitting around going to waste, think about passing it to someone. Who can use it.

Replace packaged items for package-free items

A lot of soaps, toothpastes, body lotions, even shampoos are available package-free. If you are using liquid products, such as shampoos, or hand wash, try to buy in bulk or refill your existing container in a package-free store.

Replace disposable items with reusable ones

Find sustainable alternatives for feminine hygiene protection and replace your tampons with menstrual cups, single use razors with safety razor. If you did not run out of the products you already have use them up or give it to someone. 

Create your own products

That’s my favorite one. It might sound like it would take ages, but it does not have to. Keep it simple. Probably every product you use, you can create yourself. Deodorant, body lotion, scrub, even toothpaste. With few and simple ingredients you can create wonders. It’s not only natural, but you know what's inside, so you do not have to worry putting chemicals on your body. Once you start, believe me you are going to have fun doing it. It’s addictive. :)


We tend to have multiple products for every part of our body. But do you really need to have a morning face lotion and a night face lotion? Or different toothpastes? Some products you can even use for multiple place of your body. I am not saying, that you should immediately get rid of everything you have. Use everything up that you can and want, but do not try to replace every single one products that you own. Downsize your collection to things that you need and that fit your needs. 

The point of the ZW is not simply throw everything away and replace. Use things that you have till it reaches the end. If you’ll see that you are running out of the toothpaste, replace it with a package-free one. Try to make better decisions on your future purchases. Look for cruelty-free and plant based products and also for sustainable brands. But take it slow.