Fall is the prettiest season, because it has these nice colors.
It is no better seasons for chestunts than fall.

As children we use to collect and make statues out of chestnuts in the school.

I got tired of buying washing detergent in supermarkets, lot of chemistry and since my skin is so sensitive I was looking for alternatives. Of course there are other and plant-based or eco-friendly alternatives, BUT almost everything is packed in plastic. And that is not very eco-friendly.

But still chestnuts are the cheapest alternative so far. ☺

So here is what you need:
-Chestnuts (I use 4-6 pieces for 1 wash)

-Water (250-300ml)

-Essentials Oil (optional)



1. Cut the chestunts into quarters or smaller (be careful with the knife, chestnuts have hard shell ☺).

2. Put the quarters into mason jar and add the water. You will already notice that the color of water has changed. That is saponin (substance, which is contained in many plants, that is used for production of detergents).

3. Shake a little bit and let it sit for few hours. 

4. Sieve the liquid. That’s your liquid detergents.

5. Now you are ready to wash. If you wish , you can add essentials oils for a more scent. 

Do not worry about the chestnuts rests. Unfortunately you can use them any further, but you can compost them. ☺ 


There are also other alternatives for washing with chestnuts. I just introduced you one of them, the most quickest one. ☺ You can also make a washing powder. As soon as I will try I will definately share with you.