We must do more to reduce our reliance on single use plastic in order to protect our environment. One of the most challenging things about transitioning to low waste lifestyle was finding alternatives to plastic packaged bathroom and beauty products. 

It is unbelievable how many bottles of body wash, tubes of toothpaste we go through every year. So many people have tons of products cluttering up their bathrooms and I used to be one of them. After changing my lifestyle I realized that many products I do not need at all.

And here I decided to share my favorite „low waste beauty swaps“.


There are so many products that could be used for different things. Which means less waste, less money that you spend and less clutter in your bathroom. You can use same products for your body as well as for your hands. 

  • DIY’s

Make your own products. It’s better for environment, saves you money and you know exactly what it contains. Commercials products are packed in plastic, not very eco-friendly and contain toxic ingredients. With simple ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, plant-based oils you can create your own beauty products. If you’re lucky you will find them also in bulk or glass jars. I have some videos on my YouTube Channel on how to make for ex. Lip balm, Deodorant or Body Butter.


Bathroom is the smallest room in our homes and that’s why is should not be cluttered. Choose and keep only products that you use.  Reduce the amount of items that you do not need anymore. It is also a great way how to reduce your waste. 


Can do wonders. It is so versatile, that you can use it almost for everything, as a moisturizer, make-up remover, hair mask or as an ingredient in other items. I even add it to my toothpaste and body butter. If you consider buying one, make sure it’s 100% organic, cold-pressed and 100% raw. 


Lower your water usage by taking short showers. Also turn off the water while you’re soaping and shampooing yourself. Just turn it off when not in use. 


We often tend to stop using products and replace them with a new one. If you do not like it anymore try to use it in other way or just give it to someone else. When the expiry date has passed, you can still use it, when it looks right to you. Often these dates doesn't mean anything. 

When you make your own products, you can simply make that much how much you really need. And that is again, a great way how to reduce the waste. Also, if you do not like the texture of your DIY’s you can simply change it.


By making your own products, you use your creativity. If you for ex. get bored of a product you’ve been making you can simply swap ingredients and create a new one. Same goes for a smell. If you do not like the smell of your deodorant you can use another essential oils. 


Make a research and find ethical brands for the products you can not and to not want to make yourself. It is important because you decide what companies you want to support with your money. 


Another versatile products. You can add them almost in every homemade item you make. Essential oils not only have healing properties, they smell pretty too. You can use them as a perfume, add to you deo, body butter or lip balm. Go for 100% organic ones and also here make sure you choose ethical brand selling them. 

What are your favorite „Less Waste Beauty Swaps“ ??